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Long-lasting kratom strains

These strains have been noted or recommended by users for their long-lasting durations.


Green Horn

Green Horn kratom seems to be a balanced strain that exists as a middle-ground between White Horn and Red Horn....
Yellow Sunda kratom icon

Yellow Sunda (Sundanese)

Although rare, Yellow Sunda's potentially blissful and relaxing effects may catch the attention of both novice and experienced kratom users....

White Sunda (Sundanese)

Possibly strongly stimulating, moderately euphoric, and long-lasting, White Sunda may be a solid choice for those looking for an economical white strain....

Red Malay

Red Malay may be a good choice for relaxation, stress reduction, or even just a good night’s sleep....
Red Bentuangie kratom icon

Red Bentuangie

Red Bentuangie's seemingly sedative and euphoric nature may appeal to users seeking relaxation, mood elevation, and slight pain relief....
Gold Bali kratom icon

Gold Bali

Potentially strong, sedating, and euphoric, Gold Bali should not be overlooked by those desiring a potent evening strain....
Green Zareena kratom icon

Green Zareena

Green Zareena kratom is supposedly a rarer variant of Green Borneo....