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Yellow Indo (aka Sumatra, Riau)

A unique oxidation process in direct sunlight distinguishes Yellow Indo from its supposed origin as a white strain, although its effects profile suggests residual similarities still exist between the two.

In general, the strain has been found to be strongly euphoric and mildly stimulating, with some users citing a potential elevation in mood, reduction in anxiety, and improved focus and energy at lower doses. At higher doses, however, the strain may be noticeably more sedating – a phenomenon generally observed with all types of kratom.

A consensus on the strain’s analgesic properties seems to be mixed based on current evidence. However, strains of this type are typically not considered to be very pain-relieving.

Duration seems to be slightly above average, lasting about 3.5 hours for a moderate dose (2.5-5g). Although its effects profile could be described as mild, some reports have made note of its possibly high potency, indicating for some, less may be more.

Current evidence suggests that Yellow Indo is no more or less nauseating than other strains.

Due to the ambiguous nature of kratom, Yellow Indo kratom may often be confused, labeled, or marketed as Sumatra or Riau by suppliers and users.

Yellow Indo (aka Sumatra, Riau)
Pain Relief2
Nausea (higher is better)9.5
User Rating0 Votes0
May provide an increase in mood, energy, and focus
May help combat lethargy and general anxiety
Potentially highly potent
Possibly poor pain relief
Milder nature may be underwhelming for some
Average Score
Purportedly euphoric as well as mildly stimulating, Yellow Indo may invigorate users with a unique balance of elation, energy, and focus.