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White Vietnam

White Vietnam’s highly stimulating nature may not surprise some given its vein color. However, of the white strains we’ve analyzed, few strains seem to match its energizing potential.

On average, the strain has been noted for its potentially highly-stimulative effects and may invigorate users with palpable energy and focus. Some users have found it to be noticeably more potent than other white strains, with some reports describing it as “overstimulating.” Others have commented on its ability to possibly suppress feelings of tiredness and social anxiety, as it may make the user more gregarious and outgoing.

As one might expect, White Vietnam kratom seems to be an energetic strain first and foremost, lacking significant effects in other areas. Sedation, pain relief, and euphoria may be low-to-moderate, if occurring at all.

The strain’s duration may be average-to-moderately long, making its ostensibly energetic effects potentially short-lived. We currently have no evidence to suggest that it is any more or less nauseating than other strains.

White Vietnam
Pain Relief1.8
Nausea (higher is better)9.5
User Rating0 Votes0
Potentially very stimulating, providing energy and focus
May be more stimulating than other white strains
May help combat lethargy and social anxiety
Potentially short-lived effects
Possibly poor-to-moderate effects in other areas (pain relief, sedation, euphoria)
Average Score
For those desiring a highly-energetic strain for focus, productivity, or to combat general lethargy, White Vietnam seems to come heavily recommended.