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White Sunda (Sundanese)

Possibly demonstrating highly energetic and euphoric qualities similar to other white strains, White Sunda’s standout quality seems to be its duration, which users have reported is longer than average for its type.

White Sunda kratom’s high-potency potential should also be mentioned, as reported average doses for this strain tend to be on the low-to-moderate side (evident with moderate 2.5-5g dosage sizes). These traits may make Sunda ideal for those desiring a high-potency, high energy strain that can be used economically. In addition, it may be considered as a potential aid for combating feelings of generalized anxiety, social anxiety, or depression because of its mood-elevating properties.

However, it likely possesses low sedative and pain relieving properties, typical of white strains. Users should utilize caution when assessing dosage – at higher doses, white strains can trigger anxiety and restlessness.

White Sunda (Sundanese)
Pain Relief1
Nausea (higher is better)8
User Rating0 Votes0
Potentially above average duration of effects
Energizing and mood uplifting
May be overly potent for some users
Less sedating/pain relieving than other strains
Average Score
Possibly strongly stimulating and moderately euphoric with potentially longer than average duration, White Sunda may be a solid choice for those looking for an economical white strain.