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White Maeng Da (aka White Horn)

A member of the ubiquitous Maeng Da family of strains, White Maeng Da kratom seems to possess a strongly energetic and euphoric profile.

Users commonly praise its potentially uplifting effect on mood, while also acknowledging its possibly smooth and non-invasive onset, which has been described as slower than other strains. The strain has helped some with anxiety and productivity/focus.

However, for those looking for effective pain relief or sedation, this strain may not be a good choice, as it leans towards being primarily stimulative in nature.

Its duration is thought to be well above average, lasting an average of 3-5 hours for a moderate-sized dose (~2.5-5g). Some users with sensitive stomachs have noted that this strain did not agree with them.

Strain Breakdown
White Maeng Da (aka White Horn)
Pain Relief2.5
Nausea (higher is better)7.5
User Rating0 Votes0
Potentially very energizing/euphoric
May be long-lasting
May provide energy/focus without possibly feeling overstimulated or restless
May not be as sedating as other strains
May not provide the pain relief of other strains
Average Score
Boasting a potentially energizing/euphoric profile, White Maeng Da is perhaps an ideal choice for those desiring a strain that is powerful, but with minimal sedation or fatigue.
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