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November 18, 2020

White Elephant

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😴 Sedation
⚑ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
πŸ˜€ Euphoria
🀒 Nausea (higher is better)
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  • Could increase energy levels and mood
  • May aid focus and productivity


  • May not offer much relaxation or pain relief
  • Potentially average duration of effects


Those desiring a potent energy and mood boost might enjoy White Elephant. However, it may disappoint those desiring a more balanced effects profile.

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White Elephant kratom is a rarer strain. Supposedly, its name refers to the large size of its leaves.

Generally, White Elephant is described as highly euphoric and stimulating. In low-to-moderate doses (1-5g), it may energize and uplift the user’s mood. For some users, the strain is effective at reducing feelings of depression. Others find it useful for aiding focus and productivity. The strain’s onset seems to be very fast, with effects becoming noticeable 20-30 minutes after consumption.

White Elephant kratom doesn’t seem to be very pain-relieving or sedating. However, this is true for most white kratom strains. The strain’s duration could be somewhat below average, with effects lasting about 2 hours at moderate doses (2.5-5g).

Because of its stimulating nature, we recommend caution when assessing your dosage. No evidence suggests that White Elephant is more or less nauseating than other strains at this time.

Due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with this strain might differ from the average user.

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  1. kratomaton

    Averaged score based on the following user comments from Reddit and other online communities:

    1. [Unknown]
    I’ve got a strong mood lift, feeling pretty euphoric, and plenty of clean energy. I haven’t had plain leaf that felt this good in quite awhile! It’s up there with some of the best Strains I’ve had in the past couple of years!

    2. [Unknown]
    My neighbors probably think I am crazy. There is so much energy and a really good amount of mood lift in this strain. This is certainly the most pleasurable White I have ever had. Little note I am more sensitive to whites. I am normally into reds or very low spectrum greens. I would give it a 9 out of 10 which is about 4 points higher than I have ever given a white.

    3. [Unknown]
    I’m definitely impressed with the White Elephant. It’s an excellent, high energy white strain with a smooth euphoria that’s pleasant without being too overwhelming.

    a. It also seems quite good for work productivity. I’m having a good day and getting things done. (I’m a freelance copywriter, and I work from home.)
    b. Great energy, both physical and mental. If you’re looking for a good daytime stimulant, White Elephant gets the job done. I’m not only high energy, but very focused and productive.
    c. This strain has a great mood lift to it.
    d. I’m not in any physical pain, so I can’t really give a rating for this.

    4. [Unknown]
    I have it and the effects are wonderful but I’m finding it hard to keep the effects lasting more than an hour and a half to two hours. It probably has less to do with the kratom and more to do with my tolerance but if that were the case wouldn’t I barely feel anything?

    5. [Unknown]
    Effects came on within 25 mins First thing that was noticed was Euphoria! I feel FANTASTIC! Woot! This ranks up there as one of the better whites i’ve had, I’d put it as close if not a tad bit better then Gaia’s White Borneo. This shit is pretty damn euphoric ! And let me say this, This is beyond a doubt one of the CLEANEST euphoric feelings, I mean i can’t explaine it past that. It just feels SO clean Like This is what Top shelf Clean Euphoria feels like if you could put it in a capsule and swallow it. Just so CLEAN!

    Ok Energy, I’ve got more then i need atm with nothing to do! Zomg I wanna go float down the river or something fun ya know. Strains got me wanting to get up and move! Perfect for mornings, This is Stimunation! πŸ˜‰

    Antidepressant! Pretty happy! Its not as potent in that department since i just ate some yesterday, But im still able to notice an increase in my mood going from sarcastic / sassy / snarky to Aww i wanna be nice and hug everyone and whisper sweet nothings into my dogs ear as he sleeps.

    Pain relief!!!!!! The number 2 or 3 reason i take kratom, Bad back and a bad left hand *I’m right handed don’t go there πŸ˜› * Prolly carpel tunnel or arthris from computer/laptop use over the years. Anyway Pain relief for my back is awesome! Helps alot with that issue, But my hand is another story..Mild to moderate pain relief there. Not sure why, Perhaps my back pain today is more muscle related then nerve endings.. i dunno..
    Overall I finally found a strain I can give a top shelf sticker to!

    6. [Unknown]
    Analgesia: N/A
    If I’d ordered a few days earlier, I’d have had debilitating cramps (seriously, it’s really bad, idk what’s wrong with me), so I would have had some info. I am not currently in pain, so I have no idea how analgesic this is. I will say, however, that Super Speciosa’s White MD was very helpful when combined with high doses of ibuprofen. When NSAIDs barely even touch the pain, kratom delivers. I can’t imagine what a lifesaver this must be for people who are in chronic pain.
    Euphoria: 10/10
    I haven’t been this euphoric in a while. I’m over the moon right now. Almost too euphoric, even.
    Energy: 8/10
    Energy is great! I’m feeling it, for sure. I’m about to have my daily cup of Ephedra tea. Just to mention, I had a cup of coffee, about half a 20 oz of Diet Mountain Dew (yeah I know), and some pills containing synephrine, yohimbine, and a couple of subbed phenylethylamines. (I’m phasing out the pills in favor of Ephedra sinica tea, which is just as good, if not better.)
    Overall Score: 9/10
    If you need an energizing antidepressant, e.g. a substitute for Wellbutrin, this is good stuff. I definitely recommend this strain. If you get the jitters from whites, however, this might be a little much for you.

    7. [Unknown]
    If you still want the crazy wake me up and kick me in the face morning kratom, nothing has changed. However, what this little guy does is add instant happiness. A smooth and clean burn. No brain fuzziness, even on second dosing. Social but controllable, and very, very uplifting. I’ve been reviewing a lot of kratom lately but this kratom was really enjoyable and stood out in a good way. I must admit this is my first order from kratom virtue, but happily now, not my last. Take a go, let me know what you think, this is one kratom I can definitely recommend. A high mark from me, 9/10 or A, my highest mark yet! Rotation recommendations, well that’s easy white horn or Agatha.

    8. [Unknown]
    The canopy white elephant is nice! Not quite as speedy as their white ketapang but it is smoother energy and perhaps a bit more euphoric.

    9. [Unknown]
    I have the white elephant from canopy. It almost feels like a mix between a red, white, and green. Very strong as well.

  2. green-girly-o
    Active Commenter

    The strain I’m reviewing is labelled White Hulu Kapuas. This one is great for when you need to get up and go.

    But if you take too much, holy irritability Batman! First I was spacey and dissociated, then I got super cranky and overwhelmed. Better to mix with another non-kapuas strain, methinks.

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😴 Sedation
⚑ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
πŸ˜€ Euphoria
🀒 Nausea (higher is better)
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