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Red Sunda (Sundanese)

Ostensibly grown, harvested, and named by the Sundanese people on the Indonesian Isle of Java, Red Sunda kratom is likely the most sedating strain of its kind.

Generally, the strain has been described as being highly sedating as well as moderately euphoric. Its onset may produce feelings of deep relaxation, as well as providing a notable increase in mood. These features may make it ideal as a sleep aid. It is also thought to be considerably analgesic (pain-relieving), with users who did experience pain relief commending its effectiveness.

Being a red strain, Red Sunda is not expected to be very stimulating. In addition, some users reported feeling abdominal discomfort and nausea when using this strain. However, these cases are not entirely reflective of the general user experience. As always, we recommend diligently assessing tolerance and dosage amount.

Strain Breakdown
Red Sunda (Sundanese)
Pain Relief5
Nausea (higher is better)6
User Rating0 Votes0
Potentially heavily sedating
May be effective at alleviating pain and tension
May provide an increase or uplift in mood
Possibly long duration of effects
May be nauseating for some
May not provide the energy of other strains
Average Score
Commended for its potential sedative, euphoric, and pain-relieving power, Red Sunda may be a competent choice for users seeking relaxation or a good night’s sleep.
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