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Red Indo (aka Sumatra, Riau)

Red Indo’s seemingly balanced effects profile may come as a surprise to some. However, more intrigue lies in its reported stimulative properties; anomalous for a strain of this kind.

Predominantly, Red Indo kratom is likely moderately euphoric and mildly sedating, possibly inspiring feelings of wellness, general contentment, and relaxation.  For some users, however, the strain has been described as quite the opposite, with reports of heightened energy and even nervousness. This is likely due to subjectivity and batch quality, but nonetheless, more than one user cited having an experience of this type.

The strain may also be mildly stimulating (less so than as described above), as well as competently pain-relieving. Duration of effects could potentially be slightly above average in length, although it should be noted that red strains tend to be on the longer-lasting side.

We have no current evidence to suggest that this strain may be more or less nauseating than other strains.

Due to the ambiguous nature of kratom, Red Indo may often be confused, labeled, or marketed as Sumatra or Riau by suppliers and users.


Strain Breakdown
Red Indo (aka Sumatra, Riau)
Pain Relief4.3
Nausea (higher is better)9
User Rating2 Votes4.9
May offer a broad, balanced palette of effects
May be more energizing than other red strains
Potentially less fatiguing than other similar strains
May not excel in any one area (euphoria, sedation, etc)
May not provide the sedation of other strains
Possibly overstimulating for some
Average Score
Likely relaxing for most but energizing for others, Red Indo is a good example of the subjectivity and variance of kratom strains. Still, it seems to demonstrate moderate competency in all areas, potentially making it an ideal candidate as a balanced red strain.
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