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November 18, 2020

Red Horn (aka Red Maeng Da)

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😴 Sedation
⚑ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
πŸ˜€ Euphoria
🀒 Nausea (higher is better)
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  • May offer a unique blend of sedation and stimulation
  • Potentially mood elevating
  • May be adequately pain relieving


  • May not provide the pain relief of other red strains
  • Milder nature may be underwhelming for some
  • Possibly average duration when compared to other red strains


Seemingly milder than other red strains, Red Horn appears to offer a balance of relaxation and stimulation.

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Before being ground into a fine powder, Red Horn kratom’s leaves supposedly feature horned edges, which are the source of its unusual name.

Red Horn’s “edge” also seems to extend its properties. Although users generally describe Red Horn as mildly sedating, some have reported that the strain is also somewhat stimulating. Red Horn’s energetic potential seems to distinguish it from most red kratom strains, which tend to be predominantly relaxing.

Unfortunately, Red Horn’s distinctive effects profile also seems to work against it. Users report that the strain isn’t very pain-relieving or euphoric, especially when compared to other red strains. That said, Red Horn’s seemingly mild effects profile could cater to daytime users who might find other red strains too fatiguing.

Red Horn’s duration of effects is likely average or above average for a moderate dose (2.5-5g). It may be nauseating at higher doses (5g+).
Due to the ambiguous nature of kratom, Red Horn may often be confused or conflated with Red Maeng Da by suppliers and users.

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  1. kratomaton

    Averaged score based on the following user comments from Reddit and other online communities:

    1. SeaBaseFL
    I really liked their red horn. To me it was a red MD. Nice energy but with that red feel to it still. However… this was a batch from either November or December so I can’t speak for anything recent.. it took me about a week to adjust to it but once I did I finished it off pretty quick.

    2. Jessica_Briefly
    I have some of the Thai Red Horn batch 10/28 and it is great for relaxing. I took some and I was in bed watching some Rick and Morty and before I fell asleep I was happy, content, and a little chatty. Great strain

    3. Rockoptics
    The Red Horn I didn’t really care for it. It made me tired and it felt kind of weak. I didn’t get much pain relief from it but that’s just my experience

    4. blueginger31
    red horn is pain relieving yet smoothly energizing at the same time.

    5. labdog03
    Red Horn can be pretty energizing

    6. ididntpostit
    I’ve been messing around with dosages: I tried 2g…nothing. I tried 3..mild sedation, not much else. I just tried 4g and got wobbly sedation, kinda dizzy, couldn’t focus, and nauseous as hell.

    7. [deleted]
    This leaf reminds me of those really awesome batches of Red Veined Borneo I used to get from bikhuk back in 2011. I distinctively remember that strain was more opiate-like and that you could re-dose more without the negatives (Eye Wobble, Jitters, uneasy feeling).

    Definitely a more relaxing opiate-like strain that seems to do good with re-dosing. My back feels great and I feel more awesome than I did last week on 60mg of hydrocodone.

    If you’re into kratom for the relaxation/pain relief/opiate-ness this strain is for you. If you take kratom for the more energetic properties, this leaf is probably not for you though it does seem to have good euphoria/mood lift.

    8. Rhino236
    Few time I’ve tried red horn it’s been very relaxing, and subtle. A great night time strain.

    9. zxcv985
    I realize I don’t really like red horn for daytime. It does promote sleeping.

    10. whitebuff42
    For me the red horn hits quickly with lots of euphoria but seems to taper off rapidly. Tried sleeping on it last night and it didn’t hold up.

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😴 Sedation
⚑ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
πŸ˜€ Euphoria
🀒 Nausea (higher is better)
⏰ Duration
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