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Red Borneo (aka Kalimantan, Ketapang, Jongkong, Hulu)

Often marketed or relabeled with various other names, Red Borneo kratom seems to excel at providing users pain relief without fatigue or overwhelming sedation.

Users have described its profile as predominantly pain relieving while also being euphoric and mildly sedating, although its sedative effect may be less intensive than other red strains. This may make it an ideal choice for users looking to alleviate pain while also remaining capably energetic. Onset seems to be moderate, with some users reporting it as long, and others describing it as short-lived. The strain’s duration may be moderate-to-long-lasting, as red strains tend to last longer on average.

However, Red Borneo may likely provide poor stimulation, a characteristic common with red strains. There is no evidence to suggest that this strain may be more or less nauseating than others at this time.

Strain Breakdown
Red Borneo (aka Kalimantan, Ketapang, Jongkong, Hulu)
Pain Relief7.7
Nausea (higher is better)9.5
User Rating1 Vote9
May be very effective at alleviating pain and tension
Can be euphoric/mood-lifting/relaxing
Potentially less fatiguing than other red strains
Milder sedation may be a downside for some
May provide poor stimulation
Average Score
Potentially providing pain relief without an intrusive degree of sedation, Red Borneo is a mild, but effective strain that may interest those suffering from chronic pain.
Where To Buy This Strain
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