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Red Bali

Bali kratom – thought to be a blend of the Sumatra and Borneo strains is often commended for its potent analgesic properties. Of the Bali strains we’ve researched, Red Bali kratom seems to demonstrate this best of all.

Primarily, the strain may be best described as sedating and pain relieving, with a slower onset that has been described as relaxing and moderately mood-enhancing. Towards the tail-end of its duration, its sedative properties may become more pronounced, making it ostensibly preferable as a night-time strain. In higher doses (5+ grams), the strain is thought to become increasingly calming.

As a red strain, it is generally not considered to be very stimulating. Its duration of effects may be somewhat above average. It has not been found to be any more or less nauseating than other strains based on current evidence.

Strain Breakdown
Red Bali
Pain Relief7.8
Nausea (higher is better)9.5
User Rating1 Vote7.3
Potentially highly relaxing
May provide significant reduction of physical pain
Possibly moderately mood uplifting
May be overly fatiguing/sedating for some, especially at higher doses
May not be as stimulating as other strains
Possibly average duration when compared to other red strains
Average Score
Potentially demonstrating strong pain relief and sedative properties, Red Bali is likely most ideal as a nighttime or evening strain.
Where To Buy This Strain
These vendors currently carry this strain or have carried it in the past.
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