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Green Vietnam

Possibly the epitome of a balanced strain, Green Vietnam kratom has been reported to offer a moderate blend of stimulation, pain relief, and euphoria.

It is thought to be only mildly sedating, meaning its unique onset may be enjoyed without leading to fatigue or drowsiness. These factors may make it ideal as a daytime pain-relief strain, as it seems to possess moderately energizing qualities, more so for some than others.

In addition, its duration has been observed as above average, with effects lasting well into the 4-5 hours range for some users (moderate dose, 2.5-5g). It has not been found to be any more or less nauseating than other strains.

Strain Breakdown
Green Vietnam
Pain Relief5
Nausea (higher is better)9.5
User Rating0 Votes0
May offer a broad, balanced palette of effects
Good pain-relieving potential
Potentially long-lasting
Balanced nature may make it underwhelming for some
May not provide the sedation of other strains
Average Score
Potentially energetic, pain-relieving, and euphoric, Green Vietnam touts an impressive balance that may make it an ideal daytime aid for a variety of symptoms.
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