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Green Maeng Da (aka Green Horn)

Often renowned for their stimulating nature and potency, Maeng Da strains are both exceedingly common and highly-regarded in the world of kratom. Analysis of Green Maeng Da kratom only seems to further strengthen this reputation, demonstrating a potentially highly energetic profile that is atypical of a green strain.

Consensus describes the strain as primarily stimulating and euphoric, with a very fast onset that may invigorate the user with energy and focus, while also possibly elevating mood. Its onset is particularly of note, as it seems to be faster-acting than even its cousin, White Maeng Da, an abnormal observation between strains of this type. In addition, it may possess a longer than average duration, with reports of effects lasting up to four hours for a moderate dosage [2.5-5g].

However, aside from its possibly high-energy and euphoric characteristics, Green Maeng Da seems to provide poor pain relief and sedation. Furthermore, it may be more nauseating than other strains for some users, especially those with sensitive stomachs and when taken at higher doses.

Strain Breakdown
Green Maeng Da (aka Green Horn)
Pain Relief2
Nausea (higher is better)7
User Rating0 Votes0
May be highly energetic, providing potential focus and mental clarity
May stimulate feelings of well-being and happiness
Potentially fast onset (~30 minutes)
May provide less sedation and pain relief than other strains
May be more nauseating than other strains, especially at higher doses
Average Score
With a signature high-energy potential, Green Maeng Da seems to rival even white strains in terms of raw stimulative power.

Where To Buy This Strain
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