Green Maeng Da (aka Green Horn)

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The Maeng Da family of strains is frequently praised by kratom enthusiasts, and Green Maeng Da is no exception.

Most users describe Green Maeng Da as highly stimulating and moderately euphoric. In low-to-moderate doses (1-5g), it may increase one’s energy and mood. Green Maeng Da’s onset of effects also seems to be quick, and some users have reported that the strain is faster-acting than its cousin, White Maeng Da. Green Maeng Da’s duration of effects also appears to be longer than average, with effects lasting up to four hours at moderate doses (2.5-5g).

However, although Green Maeng Da is a seemingly high-energy strain, it doesn’t appear to be very relaxing or pain-relieving. Some users with sensitive stomachs have described Green Maeng Da as more nauseating than other strains, especially when taken at high doses (5g+).

Due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with this strain might differ from the average user.

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😴 Sedation
⚡ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
😀 Euphoria
🤢 Nausea (higher is better)
⏰ Duration
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  • Could elevate energy and reduce fatigue
  • May promote feelings of well-being
  • Potentially fast onset (~30 minutes)
  • Could be less sedating and pain-relieving than other strains
  • Potentially more nauseating than other strains, especially at higher doses

With a signature high-energy potential, Green Maeng Da seems to rival even white strains in terms of raw stimulative power.