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November 17, 2020

Green Elephant

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  • May provide an increase in mood, energy, and focus
  • Potentially less overstimulating than other similar strains


  • Might offer limited sedation and/or pain relief
  • Potentially disorienting or nauseating at higher doses


Green Elephant may offer the energizing and mood-elevating effects of white strains without being potentially overstimulating, although it may not excel in any other area.

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According to most users, Green Elephant kratom seems to be highly stimulating and moderately euphoric. When taken in low to moderate doses (2.5-5g), it can provide a sense of increased energy and wellbeing. Some users have described the strain’s energizing properties as “non-invasive” and “clean” rather than anxiety-inducing. And, with a purportedly longer-than-average duration, you should have plenty of time to enjoy Green Elephant’s effects.

However, as a green kratom strain, Green Elephant has its limitations. It doesn’t appear to be very sedating, and it may offer poor pain relief in comparison to other strains.

For some users, Green Elephant may be disorienting or nauseating at higher doses (5g+). Always assess your tolerance with small doses before consuming large doses.

Note that, due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with these strains might differ from the average user.


Elephant kratom is supposedly named after the larger-than-average size of its harvested leaves.

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  1. kratomaton

    Averaged score based on the following user comments from Reddit and other online communities:

    1. morepleasethankyou
    The Green Elephant has good relaxing effects, as most strains do for me. But sitting behind this desk at work I have been shaking my leg and tapping my foot for a while. I am full of energy with no outlet right now. It is a good energy though. I am not anxious or nervous; it’s not that kind of energy. It has certainly helped with my productivity at work. I give this strain a good 8/10.

    2. Rukia_Kuchikii
    The effects are very typical of a green and will give you lots of energy and more euphoria than most other types. Surprisingly for a green though, it also helps well with my pain and even stopped a migraine dead in its tracks once.

    3. Citizen9512
    Burn: 2.5g Mixed into Naked Green Machine Drink.
    0:00 : Pretty bitter. All Kratom tastes this way to me so not much of a concern. Slight numbing of tongue.
    +0:15 : Very fast onset. Already a noticeable mood lift. Everything seems a bit brighter.
    +0:30 : Great CLEAN boost of energy. Any anxiety has melted away. Heading out for a bite to eat with a friend. Feeling very social. Pain in shoulder/aches from work seem to have faded away as well.
    1:00 : Felt great to eat with this strain. Doesn’t seem to have an effect on my appetite which is something I’ve run into with a few strains lately. Had a great time talking with complete strangers which is something I usually struggle with. This one seems to be right in the middle as far as energy/pain relief. No jitters. No sweating or overheating. My mood is still great. Overall sense of wellbeing and happiness. I seem to have a shit eating grin from ear to ear that I just can’t get rid of.
    +2:30 : I’ve got to say, I feel great! Good euphoria kick after having a burger for dinner. Still having great energy. My mind is crisp and I just feel like I could have a great conversation or just hammer down and get quite a bit accomplished. Pain is still at bay.
    (Update) +6:00: This one had long legs. Very good burn. Will be ordering a bigger size if they have the same batch.
    Leaf: Mood: 9/10 Pain Relief: 8/10 Euphoria:7/10 Energy: 8/10 Duration: TBD

    4. oneballnoa
    its fantastic. one of the more euphoric and cleanly energetic types. in my top 3 of all time.

    5. Kaimana98
    It gave me energy and put me in a decent mood. Def subtle but noticeable. I liked it but wish it did more for pain in general. Imo.

    6. Hondaran
    I really like it, but I have a lower tolerance than most people here. It had a nice bit of euphoria when taken on an empty stomach. I would buy it again.

    7. SocalJoshluvsHipHop
    Its a very middle of the rd green. definitely more on the energetic spectrum.

    8. VomitEverywhere
    I got my bag of green elephant yesterday, and I gotta say this stuff is potent. Yesterday it made me feel very energized and happy. Today I think I took too much, even though it was my standard dose, as when I got to work I felt very wobbly. Not a good sensation while waiting tables. Would recommend this strain over their Elephant strain.

    9. PersonOfInternets
    Hi /r/kratom. I am new to kratom, so keep that in mind with my reviews. Hopefully at the very least I can provide some perspective to the newbies around here.
    I recently ordered a few things from LI Herbals, which I’ll review one at a time. Today, of course, I’m doing Green Elephant. I’ve burned this stuff about 5 times now, about 3 grams or so each burn.
    This is a great strain that seems to have good legs and provides a warm, balanced, blissful effect. I have to say, I was really satisfied with it.
    The few times I took it I was watching Stranger Things on Netflix. This is weird, but this stuff makes it so much fun to watch tv. I haven’t enjoyed tv like this since well, the only thing I can compare it to was when I first started smoking weed. I can’t even objectively review the show because I was just enjoying it so much that I couldn’t tell where the production values ended and the kratom began.
    Honestly, I was balling my eyes out at the end. It was rather out of character, but lots of fun. I also watched Secret Life of Pets, a movie that got rather middling reviews, and enjoyed the hell out of it.
    So, in short, LI GE is my new go-to strain to aid my enjoyment of media! Thanks for reading.

    10. JKreese
    I got some and it is good. It has a very clear and focusing effect. It is potent so I’m finding it enjoyable at 1-2g less than what has been my standard dose (7g).
    I’m starting to think that’s too high because most of the kratom I have right now is very potent, bought from many vendors on this sub. Whereas the headshop MD I got recently and a sample MD I got from a new vendor were average even with a total of 10g, i.e. 7g +3g when I felt little in the usual time.

  2. Toni Tunc says:

    Very euphoric, invigorating and anxiety-relieving. Increases well-being and social skills. Dosage 2.5 – 4 grams are sufficient. One of the strongest strain

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