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Green Borneo (aka Kalimantan, Ketapang, Jongkong, Hulu)

Thought to originate from the Borneo island of Southeast Asia, Green Borneo kratom may provide a balance between sedation and stimulation, likely making it a good choice as a daytime strain.

Its onset is often relatively fast, with effects typically lasting 3-5 hours for a moderate dosage (2.5-5g). Less could potentially be more with this strain, as more potency seems to make unfavorable symptoms – such as dry mouth, nausea and dizziness – more commonplace.

Due to the ambiguous nature of kratom, Green Borneo may often be confused, labeled, or marketed as Kalimantan, Ketapang, Jongkong, Hulu by suppliers and users.


Strain Breakdown
Green Borneo (aka Kalimantan, Ketapang, Jongkong, Hulu)
Pain Relief3
Nausea (higher is better)6.6
User Rating1 Vote6.4
Potentially very sedating
Possibly long-lasting
May offer a balance of sedation and stimulation
Potentially nauseating at higher doses
May cause dizziness/depersonalization at higher doses
Average Score
Offering a good balance of sedation and stimulation, Green Borneo may pack quite a punch. It is likely best served as a mood uplifter, functional strain, or for beginners due to its "jack of all trades" effect profile. However, it may be disorienting at higher doses.

Where To Buy This Strain
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