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Green Bentuangie

Green Bentuangie kratom is a rarer strain, purported to undergo a unique fermenting process that may result in a distinct alkaloid profile. The resulting product can be very polarizing, with some users lauding its effects, and others reporting it as ineffectual.

Common consensus portrays Green Bentuangie as moderately stimulating and somewhat sedating, as well as mildly euphoric. Interestingly, its effects may change over time, with a noted energetic onset that possibly fades, giving way to relaxation and tranquility. For some, the stimulation seems to be more noticeable, and for others, the sedation may be more powerful. The strain appears to be somewhat analgesic.

However, this strain’s reputation must be restated as controversial. Aside from the above consensus, other users have observed no discernable reaction or effect from this strain. Others have had more unfavorable reactions, such as anxiety, eye wobbles, and nausea. However, experience may vary considerably. Green Bentuangie would seem to be a strain with a more subjective nature than others.

Duration can vary from average to very long depending on the user and dosage amount. Caution should be exercised when assessing dosage amount.

Strain Breakdown
Green Bentuangie
Pain Relief3
Nausea (higher is better)5.5
User Rating1 Vote0.3
May offer a unique blend of sedation and stimulation
Potentially long duration
May be ineffectual for some, nauseating to others
Well-rounded effects profile may be underwhelming to some
Average Score
One of the most polarizing strains available, Green Bentuangie may offer an eccentric blend of stimulation and sedation, providing its temperamental nature is compatible with a user's particular body chemistry.
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