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November 17, 2020

Gold Kali (aka Ketapang, Jongkong, Borneo, or Hulu)

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😴 Sedation
⚡ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
😀 Euphoria
🤢 Nausea (higher is better)
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  • May significantly reduce aches and pains
  • Could provide a considerable mood boost
  • Possibly less fatiguing than other similar strains


  • May not be long-lasting
  • Milder nature may be underwhelming for some


Seemingly pain-relieving and mood-boosting, Gold Kali might be ideal for alleviating discomfort without sedating the user.

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Gold Kali kratom is a rare and enigmatic strain. To create Gold Kali, kratom farmers allegedly dry Red Kali kratom leaves in the sun. The process “cures” the leaves, altering their color and effects profile.

Most users describe Gold Kali kratom as moderately pain-relieving and euphoric. For some users, the strain is effective at reducing pain caused by tension headaches and chronic migraines. With a low-to-moderate sedation score, Gold Kalimantan kratom is likely somewhat relaxing, but not overly fatiguing.

That said, Gold Kali doesn’t appear to be very stimulating. Its duration of effects seems average, with moderate doses (2.5-5g) lasting about 2.5 hours. Currently, there’s no evidence suggesting that Gold Kali is more or less nauseating than other strains.

Due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with this strain might differ from the average user.


Gold Kali is often labeled or marketed as Ketapang, Jongkong, Borneo, or Hulu by suppliers and users.


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  1. kratomaton

    Averaged score based on the following user comments from Reddit and other online communities:

    1. AniGore
    Ordered the Gold Kali (along with others), and just got the package, a day early by the way. Dosed 7 grams even after work, empty stomach. Very quickly my eyes got super heavy, not tired just like a relaxed attentiveness, if those two words work together. Packaging and all that obviously are standard Motark, quick, simple and reliable.
    *Pain: 8/10 (I have horrible knees, and almost crippling neck/trap pain and right now I’m feeling really good)
    *Euphoric/Uplifting Energy: 8.5/10 (Hard to tell exactly, I’m in a relatively good mood being off work for 6 days after today, but I’m really really giggity right now, just optimistic about everything, might be a mix of my personality though)
    Overall: 8/10~
    I would not sleep on this strain, I almost NEVER react to Golds (Socal’s Gold MD & Gaia’s Bali Gold did almost nothing for me to the point I gave them to a friend for free), and this Gold is almost on the top of my strains list. I really am loving this and it just made me excited to try the Green Thai and the Red MD I also got.

    2. Calculated
    I’m still quite new to kratom, but huge shout out to Masochista for a quick order fulfillment and shipping. The Gold Kali from Motark is most excellent. Great pain relief with a very uplifting feeling. I want to melt into a couch and live there.

    3. AzulKat
    I don’t usually post reviews until I’ve tried a batch a few times, but… I was just posting in another thread about how kratom helps my back pain, but not the tension headaches I get from my back issues. Then I noticed that the 4g I took of Gold Kali was totally melting away the tension headache I’ve had all day. The pain relief is really nice in this one.

    4. Kalistakos
    Just posted about this – Gold Kali! No question, it is absolutely one of my favorite sedating strains, and easily one of the most effective yellows/golds I’ve tried. Bali Gold that’s so highly praised on here doesn’t do anything for me, this stuff put a huge smile on my face while I’m melting into the bed right now 🙂 A must-have, I’d say.

    Seriously, this stuff is awesome. Easily one of my favorite strains from Motark. I’m at just over 5g and it’s so nice, warm and cozy. I really love it for the fact that it actually is sedating but it’s not knocking me out, so I can fully enjoy the experience. I’m having a little horror-movie marathon over here and I’m really enjoying all the straight-up loungin’ going on right now 🙂

    5. deka1519
    Damn I hope so. Someone had mentioned it melts away their tension headaches so I’ve been experimenting with it for my chronic migraines. So far about 4g will make it a much shorter experience but not exactly melt it away quickly. That’s still lightyears ahead of what anything else I’ve tried has done. If it really works like it seems to I’ll probably buy a couple kgs.

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😴 Sedation
⚡ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
😀 Euphoria
🤢 Nausea (higher is better)
⏰ Duration
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