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Gold Bentuangie

Thought to undergo both an extended drying phase in the sun as well as a distinctive fermentation process, the resulting Gold Bentuangie may be a long-lasting, highly-sedating strain that seems to exist between its red and green counterparts.

Its effects profile appears to be predominantly sedating and pain-relieving, although it may also provide an ample uplift to mood. It may be less fatiguing when compared to its antecedent form as Red Bentuangie. Some users have cited it as being very long lasting, although duration will likely vary due to dosage and personal body chemistry. It often comes heavily recommended by users suffering from chronic or debilitating pain.

However, Gold Bentuangie kratom is ostensibly not very stimulating. It has not been found to be any more or less nauseating than other strains based on current evidence.

Strain Breakdown
Gold Bentuangie
Pain Relief4
Nausea (higher is better)9.5
User Rating0 Votes0
May provide significant reduction of physical pain
Potentially long duration
May be less fatiguing than other primarily sedating strains
May not excel in any one area (euphoria, sedation, etc)
Less sedating than other red strains
Average Score
Touting the pain-relieving potential of its red-strain cousin without the overpowering fatigue, Gold Bentuangie may also offer a non-intrusive balance of sedation and elation.
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