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Gold Bali

“Gold” kratom strains are thought to be red strains that undergo an extended drying phase. This process “cures” them, possibly altering the color and effects profile of the leaf.

In the case of Gold Bali kratom, its supposed origin as a red leaf would make sense, as the strain has been described as very sedating and euphoric, with ample pain-relief also present. Due to its heavy sedation potential and lower stimulative power, it has generally been considered a “nighttime strain,” and may prove effective for users seeking relaxation or to quell anxiety/pain in a comfortable environment. It may also serve well as a sleep aid. Duration has been reported as longer than average for some.

However, being a red/gold strain, its low stimulation potential should be reaffirmed – this would likely not be a good choice for those looking to feel energized or invigorated.

Strain Breakdown
Gold Bali
Pain Relief4
Nausea (higher is better)9.5
User Rating0 Votes0
May provide considerable sedation and euphoria as well as mild pain relief
Potentially long duration
Possibly very relaxing and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety)
May be overly fatiguing/sedating for some and at higher doses
Likely to provide low-stimulation (red/gold strain)
Average Score
Potentially strong, sedating and euphoric, Gold Bali should not be overlooked by those desiring a potent night-time strain.
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