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November 18, 2020

Ganesh Maeng Da (Mitragaia)

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😴 Sedation
⚑ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
πŸ˜€ Euphoria
🀒 Nausea (higher is better)
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  • May offer a unique blend of sedation and stimulation
  • Potentially mood elevating
  • May offer competent pain relief


  • Possibly average duration of effects
  • May not provide the energy of other strains


Ganesh Maeng Da seems to offer an unusual but admirable blend of both energy and sedation

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Ganesh Maeng Da kratom is a specialty strain sold exclusively by Mitragaia. According to the vendor, it’s a blend of both Red Maeng Da and Green Elephant.

Ganesh Maeng Da seems to be best described as strongly euphoric and moderately sedating. At moderate doses (2.5-5g), it can elevate mood and promote relaxation. It also appears to be somewhat pain-relieving. However, a small minority of users have reported that the strain is simultaneously energizing. Given that Ganesh Maeng Da is a blend of two strains, perhaps its multi-faceted nature isn’t surprising.

At this time, we cannot form a consensus on Ganesh Maeng Da’s average duration of effects. There’s no evidence suggesting that this strain is more or less nauseating than other strains.

Due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with this strain might differ from the average user.

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  1. kratomaton

    Averaged score based on the following user comments from Reddit and other online communities:

    1. NCholdings
    The following was copied from my notebook upon/during burning 5g’s:

    – first off, personally I consider this a more “stimulating” strain, had I burned more I feel it would’ve been an anxious ride (personally).

    -this strain is VERY potent in regard to “cognitive effects” opposed to Kratoms’ sedating reputation, granted I was at work (moving around) but I didn’t notice too much of the painkilling/sedating effects. Keep in mind YMMV, as far as euphoria goes I was LIVING for my music.

    -this strain particularly made mundane tasks so easy, I categorized it under “working strains” as my shift went by smoothly & I ended up actually doing extra work as I didn’t mind thanks to Ganesh.

    -I feel this is a “clean” Kratom, in regard to the brain fog some strains reduce/induce. I live with MDD & GAD, this strain made me concentrated but also calm. Essentially it allowed for better focus/clarity, there’s almost a sort of speediness to it (subjective).

    -reduced “background noise” of my day, I was focused and happy, my attention span was impressive.

    -lastly, another sign of this being a more “cognitive enhancing” strain for me was that on my break at work, colors did seem brighter, the day was generally just a beautiful one which oftentimes we take for granted.

    Definitely a morning/working strain. As I’ve said YMMV but I can say honestly say it’s probably the most “cognitive enhancing” Kratom I’ve burned. I’m testing Gaia’s strains before I stock up for my benzo withdrawal and while the strain is enjoyable personally it’s not what I’m looking for in MY “perfect strain”. Combined with a Bali/Sumatra I imagine would balance it out perfectly.

    Again I am not partnered with Gaia, I’m actually ORDERING samples from H-S & SoCal. I also plan on reviewing those as well, after noticing I’d been essentially being robbed with the prices I was paying for the quality (ahem, KrakenK) ; If you guys think this is a helpful post let me know and I’ll gladly write up more for the sake of the Kratom community (for those of us who burn it in place of another poison).

    TL;DR ~ A+
    Cognitive effects (99/100)
    Sedative (75/100)
    Painkilling (80/100)

    2. Owl_lsd
    Holy cow – hello everyone again. I am going to give my review of Ganesh MD. It was a strain Ive been told is very potent so going into it I sort of had some high expectations. I decided to drop my expectations for the sake of good research. My experience with this plant is around a month +/- a day or so.

    Effects: Good lord, this strain packs a euphoric punch for me. I ate something earlier that really upset my stomach and gave me a headache – took a nap – still felt like shit and decided I was gonna see if this strain would help. I believe it is a red strain due to the red labeling on the bag. But to my surprise within 25 minutes I could feel my stomach tension release and my headache began dissipating. I felt this warm blanket effect around my chest and head that is phenomenal. I was going to write my review on it tomorrow on the first burn but truthfully am feeling the effects just as much as my first burn of the day. My dose was 1 teaspoon for reference (dont kill me – i will purchase a scale when I can find the disposable income for it). 1 teaspoon seems to be my sweet spot. Hahaha this strain is fantastic just utter relaxation, mind drifting in a sense. Definitely not a strain I am gonna be taking before my test in the morning lol.

    3. barbarabranch
    Normal does for me is 1 tsp (yes I know I should weigh). I did not get much sleep last night so thought I would take 2 tsp of the Ganesh MD hoping to fall asleep. About an hour later I am about as euphoric as I have ever been on any kratom. Super nice head space and very relaxed. It feels way too good to go to sleep and I am not really feeling tired. My body is tingling as well. Super cool. Not sure if it is the Ganesh or the double dose?

    4. brainskan13
    I burned some last night. My experience was similar to yours /u/barbarabranch. Nice and very relaxing head space and warmly active euphoria for a good 3 hours, and then settled into a good mood and slept great! (except for being woken up in the middle of the night by one of my kids)

    5. _Doubt
    I’m feeling the effects of this exact strain now. It’s my first time trying it, and boy is it a nice feeling. Very calm, less anxious, and it made my tongue tingle for a few minutes.

    6. steveap88
    YMMV but great euphoric / focused effects. Worth a try for sure.

    7. KerrlyQue
    The burn was a euphoric, and sweating effect, not too heavy. Perfect for a day of dealing with people or an annoying puppies

    8. TimSimply
    so far have only tried the ganesh maeng da. It was pretty good stuff, pretty euphoric and relaxing.

    9. Jessthebest1987
    We get great pain relief, energy and euphoria from it.

    10. TripTipper
    3g, and was met with close to Green Dragon effects (which is one of my favorite strains). I like this one right up there with Motarks, and similar price wise. Solid energy, and good mood improvement. I like this one more for a day starter. Gets you up and going. Energizing 4/5, Euphoria 4/5, Mood 3/5, Sedation 1/5, Pain relief, 2/5.

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😴 Sedation
⚑ Stimulation
🩹 Pain Relief
πŸ˜€ Euphoria
🀒 Nausea (higher is better)
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