August 5, 2020

US Lab Develops Kratom Detection Test for Hair and Nails

A new test developed by an American laboratory would allow employers and agencies to determine whether or not select individuals are using kratom or have used the plant in the past.

The test was developed by United States Drug Testing Laboratory, Inc. (USDTL), a self-proclaimed "leader in newborn toxicology, alcohol biomarkers, and substances of abuse testing for all stages of life." According to USDTL, this is the first test that allows for the detection of kratom use in keratinized specimens, which include hair and nails.

Before releasing their kratom detection test for hair and fingernails, the company had launched kratom testing for the neonatal market. That test analyzed umbilical cord tissue to detect kratom in newborns. However, the company soon realized there was also a demand for detecting kratom in adults, according to USDTL's Chief Operating Officer, Joseph Jones, Ph.D. "We put our best scientists on it, and today we are proud to be the first to launch the most advanced kratom drug test on the market," said Jones.

The company built its kratom test around hair and nails since they offer a more in-depth and accurate account of one's drug history compared to other samples, such as urine. Supposedly, biomarkers of kratom use remain in a user's hair for up to about three months, and between three to six months in the nail.

Although the notion of having your nails collected might sound unpleasant, the process seems non-intrusive.  According to documents on USDTL's website, subjects simply use a pair of nail clippers to cut their own nails in the presence of a trained collection staff member. The samples are then collected and prepared for analysis.

USDTL's kratom test is available to all interested clients via their website. To learn more, visit them online at

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