September 16, 2020

Thailand Begins Kratom Use Trial in 10 Provinces

Thailand has begun a government-sanctioned personal use trial for kratom. The Southeast Asian nation previously illegalized kratom possession, distribution, and use in 1979. However, in 2018, Thailand officials opted to legalize the plant for medical purposes.

Now, Thailand has invited 135 Thai villages and 25 communities across ten provinces to participate in the trial. Many of these communities were chosen because they're areas where kratom has a traditional history of use. During the trial, kratom will ostensibly be legal to possess and consume, and local authorities will be monitoring the involved communities for signs of kratom abuse.

The trial seems like a continuation or restructuring of Thailand's medical kratom pilot project, which was announced earlier this year in July. That project aimed to grow kratom for "medical and research purposes," even though kratom was still illegal to possess in Thailand at the time. Like the new trial, the medical kratom project also involved 135 Thai villages and communities within ten provinces.

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