March 15, 2018

Kratom Salmonella Outbreak Updates And More

Happy (Almost) St. Patrick's day!

This is the Kratomaton Biweekly update for March 15th, 2018!

Whether you celebrate with green beer or Green Maeng Da - we'd like to wish you a fun and festive weekend!

This week's update isn't exactly jam-packed with new stuff, but there are a few recent developments that we'd like to point out.

So, without further pause - let's get into it!



Kratom Salmonella Outbreak Update

Following a trend of recent salmonella outbreaks in the United States - which the CDC and FDA have stated were kratom related - several connections have been made to suspected kratom vendors and contaminated products.

Portland-based company PDX Aromatics - also doing business as Kraken Kratom, Phytoextractum, and Soul Speciosa - has recalled a number of their products that are suspected to be contaminated with salmonella.

The company stated that they've "identified a supplier in our supply chain as the source of Salmonella," and that they had subsequently "removed that supplier from our supply chain and all associated products from our facility."

If you've recently purchased kratom products from PDX Aromatics, Kraken Kratom, Phytoextractum, or Soul Speciosa - we urge you to contact these vendors and cease consumption of the products immediately.


Upcoming DC Kratom Rally

Members of the kratom community within the United States are organizing a Washington, DC rally for June 5th, 2018 in the interest of keeping kratom legal.

You can read more about the details of this event at Reddit's Kratom community.

More details are expected to arise within the coming weeks.



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New Vendors

We've added a few new vendors since our last update on February 28th, 2018:

Lunar Kratom

All American Herbal Products

Etha Natural Botanicals

In the Weeds Apothecary



No new strains were added since the last update! If we’re totally slacking and missed one, let us know!



New Blog Post: The Best Kratom Strains For Energy

The five kratom strains on this list all share a propensity for being notably stimulative. That said, no two kratom strains are the same!

Learn about what makes each strain unique in our new blog post, The Best Kratom Strains For Energy.

We're hoping to have at least a few more blog posts written in this style available soon - so stay tuned for those!

That’s it for this week’s update.  Thanks for reading, and take care!



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