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March 31, 2018

Spring Is Here!


Welcome to the Kratomaton Biweekly update for March 31st, 2018!

Now that the winter months have passed us by, spring is upon us!

There are a few particular “eggs” to crack open in this edition of the Kratomaton Biweekly update – so we won’t keep you waiting!


Kratom Vendor Closures & Suspension

In the last few weeks, many American-based kratom webstores have mysteriously suspended their business in the last few weeks. Some vendors have put their sites in “maintenance mode,” while others have simply stated that “all orders are on hold.”

No matter the explanation, this sudden wave of temporary closures has stirred controversy and doubt within online kratom circles. The most likely explanation seems to be the looming threat of government intervention following recent reports of salmonella-contaminated kratom products, which have already forced several online kratom vendors to close up shop.

As of this writing, kratom fan favourites like BuyKratomBulk USA, Kratoma, and Gaia Ethnobotanicals (now back online) have all suspended their services.

Update: After a week-long absence, Gaia is back online. They’ve since posted an update on the situation to their Facebook page, which included the following quote:

We weren’t shut down due to salmonella or anything in regards to FDA …We are complete with our new expansion and we have some solutions for payments.

Reddit Kratom Community Censorship

Reddit’s r/kratom subreddit – often seen as the largest and most active online kratom community – has recently changed their rules of discussion in order to meet Reddit’s new content policies. These new regulations restrict the discussion of prohibited goods and/or services, especially in the context of buying and/or selling.

As such, r/kratom can no longer feature any of the following types of submissions:

No more vendor ads, vendor lists, selling your personal kratoms. No posting or asking for discount codes.

No more swapping.

No more giveaways (vendor or otherwise).

No more reviews or recommendations.

  • We received clarification from Reddit admin to help us be in compliance with the new policies and must also prohibit vendor reviews and recommendations.

In polarized response to these changes, r/kratom’s community has fragmented, with some users leaving the subreddit in favour of other, similar online circles.

Whether coincidence or not, it would seem that the United States FDA’s recent kratom “crackdown” has instilled a fear of liability across many organizations – including online vendors and communities alike.


Canada Kratom Express

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New Vendors

No new vendors since our last update!


No new strains were added since the last update! If we’re totally slacking and missed one, let us know!


New Membership Features

We’ve added features on Kratomaton that allow for a deeper level of social interaction between members.

A brief run-down:

  • You can now add registered members as friends, send private messages, and view the activity of users across the site.
  • If a member is registered on the site, you’ll be able to click on their username in post comments on the site and view more details about them.
  • Create groups, mention users in your updates, and more.
  • Fill out your profile and view the profiles of other members.

Depending on the reception, we may continue our expansion of user features. Either way, we’ll definitely let you know should anything change!

That’s it for this week’s update. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!



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