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September 19, 2018

United States Senate Passes OCRA Opioid Act

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Welcome to the Kratomaton Biweekly update for September 19th, 2018!

This week, the United States Senate has passed legislation that promises to combat opioid addiction, and we’ve got a few other updates to catch you up on all things Kratomaton!


Senate Passes Opioid Crisis Response Act; No Mention Of Kratom

On September 17th, the United States Senate passed a sizeable package of bills aimed at combating the country’s rampant opioid crisis. Dubbed the “Opioid Crisis Response Act,” or OCRA, the package contained over 70 provisions and passed via a near-unanimous vote.

The focuses of the bill include stifling the influx of opioid importation, emphasizing recovery from addiction, and providing alternative drugs that carry lessened risks.

Despite the bill’s staunch approach towards harm reduction, The Kratom Trade Association confirmed that OCRA doesn’t contain a single mention of kratom, nor does it create an opportunity for expedited scheduling.

This news comes as a victory to many American kratom advocates, who have been concerned regarding the final wording of the bill and the regulatory ramifications that could follow if kratom was included. These fears have been stirred by the recent campaigns of both the United States FDA and DEA, with both organizations declaring an interest in regulating and/or illegalizing the plant. Both federal organizations have repeatedly drawn comparisons between kratom and opioids (FDA, DEA)

Just under a week before OCRA was passed, Scott Gottlieb, the FDA Commissioner of the United States, issued a statement about kratom and included the following:

While it is important to generate more evidence, there is evidence that certain substances found in kratom are opioids and data suggest that one or more may have a potential for abuse.


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