February 17, 2021

New Tennessee Bill Limits Kratom Product Size to 5-7oz

A new Tennessee bill (SB1390) aims to illegalize the sale of kratom products smaller than 5oz (141g) and larger than 7oz (198g).

If passed, Tennessee kratom vendors would no longer be able to sell kratom in many of the most common sizes. For instance, kratom "kilos" — which contain about 1000g of kratom and are popular among bulk buyers — would become illegal under the new bill. The bill also stipulates that only "retailers" could sell kratom in the specified amounts.

Those that violate either restriction would be charged with a class A misdemeanour. And because the bill defines "retailers" as "every person, partnership, firm, corporation, or association engaged in the business of making sales at retail," Tennessee citizens selling kratom to friends or family members could also face legal consequences. If passed, SB 1390 will take effect on July 1st, 2021.

Despite overhauling regulation efforts several times over the last decade, Tennessee's kratom laws are among the nation's strictest.

In 2017, the state's Attorney General clarified that only products containing synthetic versions of kratom alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine were Schedule I substances. But the following year, a man was jailed in Tennessee for possessing kratom, which he and his lawyer claimed was "natural."

In May 2018, Tennessee House Bill 1832 criminalized the sale or purchase of kratom to persons under 21. The bill also outlawed the sale of "unnatural" kratom, such as extracts and enhanced products, which enjoy healthy popularity in other states. Finally, the bill required Tennessee vendors to label their kratom products deemed fit for sale with generic health and safety information.

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    1. Hello Laurie,

      The bill would only illegalize the sale of kratom in quantities under 5oz or over 7oz. Thankfully, it doesn't mention anything about possession.

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