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September 27, 2019

Malaysia Considers Outlawing Kratom

Fall is here!

This is the Kratomaton Biweekly Update for September 27th, 2019!

This week, the battle to keep kratom legal heats up in the United States and Malaysia. We’ve also got the latest kratom discounts to help you usher in Fall!


Malaysia Considers Stricter Kratom Laws

The Malaysian government is reviewing an aggressive amendment to its existing kratom policy. Under the new policy, kratom would be illegal to grow, import, export, distribute, or possess.

According to Malaysian officials, the amendment would be enacted to prevent Malaysian citizens from abusing the plant.

Malaysia has prohibited kratom use since 1952 under Section 30 (3) of the country’s Poisons Act. However, many Malaysians have continued to use kratom unabated due to the plant’s natural abundance.

In 2015, the Malaysian government considered reclassifying kratom under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, which would invoke severe punishments for its use. However, the movement faced strong internal opposition and was ultimately retracted.

Legislators cited various motives for repealing the movement, including kratom’s long history of traditional use, socioeconomic ramifications, and a need for further study.

Pennsylvania Urges the FDA to Introduce Guidelines for Safe Kratom Use

In early September 2019, Pennsylvania introduced a bill calling upon the United States FDA to instate “guidelines and protocols for the safe use of kratom.”

Although the bill — presented as HR460 — doesn’t mention any particular scheduling measures, American kratom community members were quick to voice their disapproval.

In the past, the FDA has taken a strict stance on kratom policy and regularly dissuaded Americans from using the plant. As a result, American kratom proponents are likely concerned that any recommendations made by the FDA would be severely restrictive and reduce Pennsylvanian access to kratom.


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