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February 04, 2019

Utah And Georgia Push For Kratom Regulation

Happy 2019!

Welcome to the Kratomaton Biweekly Update for February 4th, 2019!

As our first Biweekly Update of the year, we’re a little late to the party. But we’ve got plenty of news to catch up on, so let’s get to it!


Utah Endorses New Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The American state of Utah has introduced the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (SB 58) in the hopes of establishing guidelines for how kratom is labeled and sold within its borders.

You can read more about the bill here, but here’s a quick summary of what SB 58 has proposed:

  • Kratom sellers may not create, distribute, or sell kratom products that have been adulterated with non-kratom substances (including poisons, controlled substances, and synthetic kratom alkaloids)
  • The alkaloid composition of kratom products must not include more than 2% of the kratom alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Kratom products must be clearly labeled with their respective mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine concentrations
  • Kratom products must be registered with Utah’s Department of Agriculture and Food and may be seized and destroyed if unregistered
  • Kratom cannot be distributed or sold to anyone under 18 years of age

Any kratom sellers/processors that violate these guidelines may be imprisoned for up to 90 days and/or fined up to $500, or both.

The bill was nearly unanimously endorsed by Utah’s Senate Business and Labor Committee and will be reviewed by other parties before being brought to the state’s House of Representatives. More news will likely follow, so stay tuned!

Georgia Legislators Consider the Future of Kratom; Invite Professional and Public Comment

Georgia legislators DeWayne Hill and Jeff Mullis have formed a committee to study the potential threats and benefits of kratom within their immediate communities.

The committee, called “The House Study Committee on Risks Associated with Kratom,” has held several meetings since its inception early last year. Most notably, the group has also invited various speakers with concerns or statements regarding kratom to attend.

Among those speakers, Jack Henningfield, Ph.D. of Pinney Associates, Charles M. Haddow of the American Kratom Association, Michael McPherson of the Georgia Municipal Association, and Georgia Coroner Vanita Hullander have all made appearances to voice their concerns or support for the plant.

So far, the committee is still weighing their options but has invited members of the public to comment.

“This is a complex issue, and our committee is taking it very seriously,” committee member Representative DeWayne Hill recently stated.


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New Year, New Us!

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