June 28, 2019

Indonesian Kratom Ban Threatens Industry

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This is the Kratomaton Biweekly Update for June 28th, 2019!

This week, some troubling news from Indonesia threatens to disrupt the global kratom industry at large. To even things out, we've also got the latest kratom discounts — just in time for summer.


Indonesia to Enact Ban on Growing and Exporting Kratom

According to the American Kratom Association (AKA), Indonesia's Minister of Health is imposing new laws that would put an end to legal kratom cultivation and exportation within the country's borders.

Given that Indonesia currently supplies the majority of the world's kratom, an Indonesian kratom ban would devastate the kratom industry in Indonesia and abroad.

According to Mac Haddow of the AKA, the Indonesian government has given its citizens a grace period of five years before a total kratom ban is enacted. A five-year grace period was likely chosen due to the burgeoning state of Indonesia's kratom industry. If the ban succeeds, thousands of active kratom industry workers and entrepreneurs will be forced to close up shop and transition to other industries.

The AKA has stated that they've met with Indonesia's Ministry of Health officials. According to the AKA, the looming Indo kratom ban is a product of the United States FDA misrepresenting the plant's risks and dangers to the Indo government.

The AKA is currently in the process of meeting with more Indonesian government officials in the hopes of emphasizing the science behind kratom's safety and, by extension, preventing a ban. If you'd like to support their efforts, you can do so here.


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