November 25, 2021

Get Up to $4375 CAD for Participating in This Canadian Kratom Study

Are you an Ontario-based kratom user? You could receive up to $4375 CAD for participating in a new kratom study!

Nutrasource, a Canadian health sciences company, is conducting the study. Their clinical trial will assess kratom's safety, active components, and effects on cognitive performance. Nutrasource will likely ask its participants to ingest kratom in some form, which it refers to as a "new natural health product."

Sadly, not everyone can participate. But you may be eligible if you're:

  • Located in Guelph, Ontario or closeby

  • Between 18-55 years old

  • Not taking any medications (excluding birth control)

  • A non-smoker for more than 3 months

The study will include:

  • Blood work

  • Oral consumption of study product (kratom)

  • 30 total visits to Nutrasource's Guelph based clinic

To learn more about the study and determine your eligibility as a participant, visit Nutrasource.

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