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April 08, 2020

COVID-19 Delays Statewide Kratom Consumer Protection Act Progress

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Welcome to the Kratomaton Biweekly Update for April 8th, 2020!

This week, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate the world stage and delay pro-kratom legislative efforts in the United States. We’ve also got the latest kratom coupons and sales.


COVID-19 Delays Statewide Kratom Consumer Protection Act Progress

Mac Haddow of the American Kratom Association (AKA) recently announced that the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed his organization’s efforts to protect American kratom consumers.

“It’s true that the coronavirus has slowed the momentum in some of the states for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act,” stated Haddow in a video update published on Monday, April 6th, 2020. “We in fact had proposals in more than 20 states around the country. We wanted to increase the number of states that would pass the KCPA in order to show the federal government that there is a responsible way … to regulate kratom that protects consumers and also avoids some of the harms that are created by adulterated kratom products.”

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act refers to a bill drafted by the American Kratom Association. The bill, which introduces kratom product standards in the interest of protecting consumers, has already passed in many US states, including Arizona, Utah, Georgia, and Nevada.

Nonetheless, Haddow asserted that the AKA remains dedicated to their cause.

“… We have to keep pushing information to those legislators to make sure that they understand that the kratom issue is an important one because we want to protect consumers from the ravages of adulterated kratom products that are flooding the marketplace in some areas.”


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