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February 19, 2020

Americans Protect Legal Kratom Access in Oregon & Maryland

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Welcome to the Kratomaton Biweekly Update for February 19th, 2020!

This week, the American Kratom Association and American kratom advocates have teamed up to shift the tides of kratom legality within various US states. And, as always, we’ve got the latest kratom deals and discounts to keep you and your wallet happy!


Oregon Approves Under-21 Kratom Ban

On Tuesday, February 18th, 2020, Oregon legislators approved House Bill 4013, which illegalizes the sale of kratom products to consumers under 21 years of age. Violators of the new law will face 30 days imprisonment, a $1250 fine, or both.

According to the bill’s text, Oregon legislators have been collaborating with “representatives of the kratom industry,” which most likely refers to representatives of the American Kratom Association (AKA). Earlier this month, the AKA reported that Oregon committee members were receptive to the possibility of permitting legal access to unadulterated kratom. They also stated that the personal testimonials of kratom advocates “won the day” and likely changed the bill’s outcome.

Oregon’s kratom bill also states that Oregon legislators will continue working to:

  • Recommend regulatory guidelines for kratom

  • Establish a state kratom reference laboratory

  • Support social equity related to kratom

Maryland Kratom Ban Removed & Replaced with AKA-Endorsed Legislation

Earlier in January, we covered a possible kratom ban in Maryland, which sought to illegalize kratom’s primary alkaloids — mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine — throughout the state. However, upon hearing the testimonies of kratom advocates and following the recommendations of the AKA, Maryland lawmakers have replaced the bill (MD SB0147).

Now, rather than banning kratom outright, the new bill introduces an under-21 age restriction similar to Oregon’s new kratom bill. Maryland legislators will continue working with the AKA to enforce new laws that protect consumers from adulterated kratom products.


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