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July 23, 2021

AKA Calls for Public Comment to Prevent International Kratom Ban

In the past, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has failed to ban kratom for Americans. But now, they’re pursuing a ban via international means, according to Mac Haddow of the American Kratom Association (AKA).

Specifically, the FDA plans to present their position on kratom to the World Health Organization (WHO), the international health branch of the United Nations. Although the FDA is soliciting public comment to inform their position, kratom users can expect their verdict to be unfavourable: Historically, the FDA has been decidedly anti-kratom and currently advises against kratom use. And if the FDA convinces WHO that a ban is necessary, the thirty-seven countries under their treaty will effectively ban kratom, Haddow said in a video update.

“It’s interesting that they’re asking for [comment], because they were the instigators at the WHO for the [international] scheduling of kratom,” Haddow noted. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic. In the video, he stated that the American Kratom Association is “… prepared to give the science — the very same science that stopped the FDA from scheduling kratom here in the United States — [to the WHO].”

But aside from scientific backing, Haddow and the AKA hope to strengthen their proposal with public testimonies. They call for American kratom consumers to share how the plant has benefited them — and in some cases, saved their lives.

“We want thousands of people to comment, because every one of those comments will have to be packaged up and sent to the WHO,” Haddow said. He also noted that the AKA will email supporters this weekend or Monday with a formal request for electronic comment. Haddow emphasized that these comments should be respectful and personalized, if possible.

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  1. Usernametaken
    Active Commenter

    UPDATE: AKA wins suit for extended comment period.  Starting MON, 8/16, comments MUST CONTINUE!  We have 54 thousand and change.  We only need 50 thousand more, preferably from attorneys, law enforcement personnel, scientists, educators, health care related professionals, etc…

    Here’s a link to the most current information on HOW YOU CAN HELP, with my personal thanks,

    Laurie (kratom industry mascot) 

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