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Frequently Asked Questions

Kratomaton is dedicated to presenting our users with the most accurate, unbiased and reliable information on kratom.

We do not condone kratom use, nor do we object to it. We believe non-dogmatic perspectives on kratom and access to factually founded information are crucial to understanding the legitimacy and potential dangers of kratom as a substance, whether recreational or medicinal.

Our dedication to scientific humility and transparency means we will never promote, advertise, or market the products of a sole, specific kratom vendor. We have no direct connections or affiliations with any one individual online kratom vendor. We are not owned by nor do we operate an online kratom storefront.

Kratomaton is dedicated to providing unbiased and reliable information on kratom. However, running a website is often a costly affair. These affiliate links help to cover our monthly expenses and support our continued growth as a platform.

Unlike many other kratom websites, we have no connections or direct affiliations with any one individual online kratom storefront or entity.

Instead, we curate and select our affiliate options by consulting a wide variety of factors, such as availability, reputation, and our own Trusted Vendor criteria. This is done in the interest of referring our users to only the highest quality products!

We look at a large number of factors to determine the credibility of our vendor affiliates. This includes user reviews, pricing, shipping methods, just to name a few. If at any point we feel a vendor is no longer offering our referred users their best quality and service, they will be promptly disaffirmed as a trusted vendor.

However, it’s important to note that while Kratomaton attempts to collect data on all existing vendors, we cannot possibly confirm the quality of every vendor available. A mention or page on this site referring to any specific vendor is not necessarily an endorsement of that vendor’s quality. In these cases, you should check for the Trusted Vendor badge or consult user reviews.

Absolutely not! It simply means that a vendor has not yet met our full criteria. For more details, see the badge breakdown details on the vendor’s page.

Please see this page for more information!