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White kratom strains

These are “white” kratom strains.

White Bentuangie kratom icon

White Bentuangie

White Bentuangie seems to be best described as strongly stimulating and somewhat euphoric....
White Elephant kratom icon

White Elephant

Those desiring a potent energy and mood boost might enjoy White Elephant....
White Vietnam strain icon

White Vietnam

White Vietnam kratom is supposedly highly stimulating and moderately euphoric. ...
White Thai kratom icon

White Thai

Perhaps too subtle for some, White Thai may offer a mild blend of euphoria and stimulation compared to other strains of its kind....

White Sunda (Sundanese)

Possibly strongly stimulating, moderately euphoric, and long-lasting, White Sunda may be a solid choice for those looking for an economical white strain....
White Phuket kratom icon

White Phuket

Potentially highly potent and versatile, White Phuket seems to succeed in areas typically uncharacteristic of white strains....
White Malay kratom icon

White Malay

White Malay could be ideal for those seeking a potent mood and energy boost that's less stimulating than other white strains....
White Maeng Da kratom icon

White Maeng Da (aka White Horn)

Boasting a seemingly energizing and euphoric profile, White Maeng Da could be ideal for those desiring a strongly stimulating strain that's minimally sedating....