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Red kratom strains

These are “red” kratom strains.

Red Bentuangie kratom icon

Red Bentuangie

Red Bentuangie's seemingly sedative and euphoric nature may appeal to users seeking relaxation, mood elevation, and slight pain relief....
Red Vietnam kratom icon

Red Vietnam

Possibly offering a little of everything, Red Vietnam may be appealing to users seeking a more well-rounded effects profile....
Red Thai kratom icon

Red Thai

Red Thai appears to be sedating and uplifting while also being more stimulating than other red kratom strains....
Red Sunda kratom icon

Red Sunda (Sundanese)

Red Sunda seems like a well-rounded red strain that's ideal for relaxation, pain relief, or evening use....
Red Papua kratom icon

Red Papua

Red Papua may provide relaxation, mood elevation, and pain relief without being as fatiguing as other red strains....
Red jambu strain icon

Red Jambu (Jambu)

Red Jambu should not be overlooked by users seeking a seemingly mild and well-rounded kratom strain....
Red Elephant kratom strain icon

Red Elephant

Red Elephant may offer ample sedation and effective pain relief without the overwhelming fatigue of other red strains....