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Green kratom strains

These are “green” kratom strains.

Green Bentuangie kratom icon

Green Bentuangie

Green Bentuangie may offer a blend of stimulation and euphoria that becomes more sedating with time....
Green Zareena kratom icon

Green Zareena

Green Zareena kratom is supposedly a rarer variant of Green Borneo....
Green Thai kratom icon

Green Thai

Green Thai's energizing and versatile nature might have something to offer to everyone....
Green Papua kratom icon

Green Papua

Green Papua is rare kratom strain with a seemingly balanced nature....

Green Malay

Green Malay kratom seems to be highly euphoric and moderately stimulating....
Green Indo kratom icon

Green Indo (aka Sumatra, Riau)

Potentially mood-boosting and somewhat energizing, Green Indo's seemingly balanced nature may appeal to those living fast-paced lives....

Green Horn

Green Horn kratom seems to be a balanced strain that exists as a middle-ground between White Horn and Red Horn....
Green Elephant kratom icon

Green Elephant

Green Elephant may offer the energizing and mood-elevating effects of white strains without being overstimulating....