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August 17, 2020

Why You Can’t Buy Kratom on Amazon

As the world’s largest and most profitable online retailer, Amazon is the first choice for many online shoppers. After all, Amazon carries just about everything — from books, clothing groceries, and beyond. The site makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and check out in seconds.

But, if you’re looking for kratom, you won’t find it on Amazon: at least, not yet. Read on to discover why and what you can do instead.

Kratom is Banned on Amazon

The main reason you can’t buy kratom on Amazon is that Amazon considers kratom a prohibited product. No one is allowed to sell or buy the plant on Amazon’s platform.

All products sold on Amazon must comply with Amazon’s guidelines, which vary from product-to-product. Kratom is a drug, so it falls under Amazon’s Drugs & drug paraphernalia category, which requires strict compliance. Amazon’s product guidelines also differ depending on what country you’re in.

In the United States, Amazon requires all drug products to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for over-the-counter (OTC) sale. As of this writing, the FDA classifies kratom as an “unapproved new drug,” so it isn’t eligible for sale on Amazon. The same is true for Amazon in Canada, where Health Canada hasn’t approved kratom for sale as a drug.

Additionally, Amazon also prohibits any drug that’s been “identified by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a drug or chemical of concern.” While the DEA reversed its decision to ban kratom in 2016, it still lists kratom as a “drug of concern” on its website, making kratom ineligible for sale on Amazon.

Will Kratom Ever Come to Amazon?

Because kratom’s legality in the US and Canada continues to evolve, the plant may eventually come to Amazon. Organizations like the American Kratom Association have already reversed ban decisions in many states, including Ohio, and helped enact laws that protect kratom consumers. As kratom continues to gain social and political acceptance, its chances of appearing on Amazon should only increase.

However, even if kratom was legalized nationwide in the US and received FDA approval, Amazon isn’t obligated to permit the plant’s sale on its platform. The company still maintains the authority to decide what kinds of products it sells, even if those products are fully legal.

Where Can I Buy Kratom Instead?

For now, you can’t buy kratom on Amazon. However, there are many other ways to buy kratom online and get it shipped to your door.

Today, there are hundreds of online kratom vendors who ship kratom products to customers all around the world. While these vendors can’t rival the scale and size of a company like Amazon, many of them offer competitive prices and quality kratom products. Some online kratom vendors even take credit card payments and provide free shipping, so the overall shopping experience is similar to Amazon.

However, unlike shopping on Amazon, buying kratom online can be risky. Virtually anyone can start an online kratom business and begin selling the plant without meeting any quality or safety standards. And because kratom is a consumable product, poor-quality kratom products are particularly dangerous. Kratom purchased from unscrupulous vendors can be contaminated or adulterated, which can cause adverse effects and put consumers at risk.

Fortunately, some kratom vendors go the extra mile to protect their consumers. By lab-testing their products, offering full refunds, and providing great service, they’ve become trusted destinations for buying kratom online.


Kratom isn’t available on Amazon and might not be for a long time. Fortunately, many trusted online kratom sellers offer quality products and fast shipping at speeds that rival Amazon.

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