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The Strongest Kratom Strains

The Strongest Kratom Strains

Kratom’s wide range of effects imbues the plant with remarkable versatility and utility. Many people rely on kratom solely for pain-relief, while others prefer kratom strains that elevate mood or provide relaxation.

As such, there’s a demand for kratom strains that excel in particular categories. These strains are often considered to be “strong” or “potent,” and are highly coveted by users who are seeking relief from specific ailments.

Unfortunately, with dozens of kratom strains and mixed-strain products available, finding a potent kratom strain to fit your unique needs can prove challenging.

So, to help narrow down your options, we thought we’d take a look at five of the strongest kratom strains, weighed entirely by user opinion and experience. To keep everyone happy, we’ve made sure to include one strain for each of our five primary effects categories – pain relief, sedation, stimulation, euphoria, and duration.

Let’s take a look!


Red Bali – Powerful Pain Relief

Red Bali is frequently highlighted as a go-to option for sedation and pain relief, and upon closer examination, it’s easy to see why.

Users regularly commend Red Bali as being one of the most effective strains for pain relief. The praise seems to be near-unanimous, too – on Kratomaton, Red Bali currently holds an impressive 7.8 score for analgesia.

Red Bali’s other element of strength lies in its abundance. As one of the most popular and ubiquitous kratom strains available, it’s very easy to come by, and many online kratom vendors carry it year-round!

Red Bali kratom icon
Potentially providing strong pain relief and sedation, Red Bali is perhaps most ideal as an evening strain.
Average Score


White Horn – Long-lasting Energy

As a white kratom strain, White Horn seems to do one thing best – provide its users with invigorating energy and focus. However, White Horn seems to excel far beyond its peers, and as of this writing, it appears to be one of the most stimulating of its kind.

Not to be outdone, White Horn also seems to boast an above-average duration, equating to a possibly extended window of effects. If you’re looking to get long-lasting energy out of your kratom, White Horn should probably be at the top of your list.

White Horn kratom icon
White Horn seems to exhibit strong energetic potential, making it a promising choice as a daytime or productivity strain.
Average Score

Red Bentuangie – Sustained Sedation

Some call it “conking out.” Others refer to it as “restful relaxation.”

Regardless of your preferred definition, if it’s sedation you’re after, Red Bentuangie appears to be a strong contender. The strain currently holds a formidable 9.5 score for sedation, and users have regularly praised its ability to set the stage for effective rest and relaxation.

Red Bentuangie also carries the purported advantage of being notably long-lasting, with effects lasting upwards of 4.5 hours at a moderate dosage level (2.5-5g).

Red Bentuangie kratom icon
Red Bentuangie may appeal to users seeking relaxation, mood elevation, and slight pain relief.
Average Score

Ganesh Maeng Da – Mellow Mood

Let’s face it – it’s challenging to be in high-spirits around-the-clock. Physical discomfort and mental fatigue can quickly drain us of our energy and leave us irritable and bitter.

Thankfully, many kratom strains provide users with a noticeable increase in mood and temperament. Ganesh Maeng Da is one of those strains, and according to our user scoring, it’s also likely to be one of the most effective.

As an ostensible blend of both Red Maeng Da and Elephant kratom, Ganesh Maeng Da seems to offer a fittingly balanced range of effects. However, it seems to excel in particular at providing users with a potent mood-boost.

As of this writing, Ganesh Maneg Da holds a powerful 8.3 score for euphoria, making it one of our highest-ranking mood-elevating strains. Strong, indeed!

Ganesh Maeng Da kratom icon
Ganesh Maeng Da seems to offer an unusual but admirable blend of both energy and sedation
Average Score

White Vietnam – Stupendous Stimulation

We’ve already named one energizing strain on this list – but it wouldn’t be right to stop White Vietnam from sharing the spotlight.

Although White Vietnam appears to fall somewhat short of White Horn’s impressively above-average duration, the strain seems to make up for it in terms of raw, stimulative power. As of now, White Vietnam is the only strain we’ve analyzed that’s scored a perfect 10 for stimulation. You can imagine why we’ve opted to include it on this list!

That said, with great power comes some apparent disadvantages. Due to its potency, some users have actually described White Vietnam as “overstimulating.” The strain also appears to be somewhat of a “one-trick-pony,” in that it excels at providing invigorating energy, but seems to offer little else.

Still, if you’re looking to re-energize and recharge with kratom, White Vietnam’s seemingly robust nature makes it an obvious choice!

White Vietnam strain icon
For those desiring a highly-energetic strain for focus, productivity, or to reduce fatigue, White Vietnam seems ideal.
Average Score


While there are many kratom strains out there that users swear by, we opted to keep our list brief and digestible by including one stand-out strain from each category. Finding a super-powered kratom strain that works for you may take some time, but at the very least, we hope we’ve pointed you in the right direction!