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February 19, 2021

The Strongest Kratom Strains

Kratom is a remarkably versatile plant. Some people use it for pain relief, while others enjoy its relaxing and mood-boosting properties.

But while some people prefer specific kratom effects, nearly all kratom users enjoy strong kratom. After all, the stronger kratom is, the more potent its effects are.

However, with dozens of kratom strains on the market, finding strong kratom isn’t always easy. So, to help narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up five strains that users commonly describe as “strong.” And, to keep everyone happy, we’ve made sure to include strains that excel in each category: pain relief, sedation, stimulation, euphoria, and duration.

Let’s take a look!

Red Bali: Powerful Pain Relief

Red Bali kratom icon

For many users, Red Bali is a go-to option for sedation and pain relief. And upon closer examination, it’s easy to see why.

As of this writing, Red Bali is one of the top-scoring strains for sedation and pain relief that we’ve reviewed. In fact, for some users, the strain is too potent.

Accessibility is Red Bali’s other strength. As one of the most popular kratom strains, it’s easy to come by, and many online kratom vendors carry it year-round!

However, this “king” of the kratom world does have its downsides. As you might expect, Red Bali doesn’t seem very energizing. In addition, its effects might not last as long as some users might like.

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White Horn: Long-lasting Energy

White horn kratom icon

As a white strain, White Horn’s seemingly energizing nature probably won’t surprise experienced kratom users. But what is surprising is that White Horn could be one of the most stimulating white strains available.

Not to be outdone, White Horn also seems to boast an above-average duration of effects. So, if you’re after long-lasting energy, White Horn should probably be at the top of your list.

Just don’t expect much pain relief or sedation: Beyond energy, White Horn doesn’t appear to excel in other areas.

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Red Bentuangie: Sustained Sedation

Red Bentuangie kratom icon

Some call it “conking out.” Others refer to it as “rest and relaxation.” But regardless of how you define it, if it’s sedation you’re after, Red Bentuangie might be the strain for you.

Currently, Red Bentuangie’s sedation score is a formidable 95%. That could make it a top-tier choice for end-of-day relaxation, and our users seem to agree.

Red Bentuangie also seems notably long-lasting. At moderate doses (2.5-5g), its effects may last upwards of 4.5 hours. But unfortunately, Red Bentuangie isn’t as common as other strains. It may be difficult to find as a result.

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Ganesh Maeng Da: Mellow Mood

Ganesh Maeng Da kratom icon

Let’s face it: it’s hard to be in a good mood around-the-clock. Sometimes physical discomfort and mental fatigue can take their toll, leaving us irritable and short-tempered.

Thankfully, many kratom strains provide a noticeable mood-boost. And according to user reviews, Ganesh Maeng Da is among the most effective.

As a blend of Red Maeng Da and Elephant kratom, Ganesh Maeng Da’s effects seem balanced overall. However, the strain’s supposedly strong mood-boost could be its biggest strength. Beyond that, its average duration of about 2.5 hours might be disappointing to some.

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White Vietnam: Stupendous Stimulation

White Vietnam strain icon

We’ve already named one energizing strain on this list. But it wouldn’t be right to stop White Vietnam from sharing the spotlight.

Although White Vietnam can’t seem to match White Horn’s above-average duration, the strain’s strongly stimulating nature could make up for it. To date, White Vietnam is the only strain we’ve analyzed that’s scored a perfect 100% for stimulation. You can imagine why we’ve included it on this list!

That said, with great power comes some apparent disadvantages. For some users, White Vietnam is actually “overstimulating.” The strain also appears to be somewhat of a “one-trick-pony:” Although it seems very energizing, it might not offer much else.

Still, if you’re looking to “recharge” with kratom, White Vietnam seems to be an obvious choice!

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Finding a super-powered kratom strain may take some time. Kratom can be a fickle plant, and its effects aren’t always consistent between users. What works for someone else might not work for you, and vice-versa.

Nonetheless, we hope we’ve pointed you in the right direction! For more posts like this, stop by our blog.

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