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July 24, 2020

The Longest-Lasting Kratom Strains

Most shoppers love getting the most value for their money. After all, spending less and getting more is practically the best deal there is! And, like most industries, the same principle is true in the world of kratom.

There are plenty of ways to get more value from your kratom, including purchasing your kratom from a trusted vendor and taking advantage of deals and coupons. However, one of the best ways to stretch your dollar further is to seek out long-lasting kratom strains.

What Makes a Kratom Strain Long-Lasting?

Because kratom is a natural product, some kratom variants, or “strains” are naturally more potent than others. For instance, red kratom strains tend to be longer-lasting than white kratom strains, while green strains seem to fall somewhere in the middle.

But, with so many kratom products to choose from, finding a long-lasting kratom strain can be challenging. As of this writing, scientists haven’t conducted much research on kratom strain potency. Your only options are to consult other kratom users or vendor strain descriptions. And because kratom’s effects are often subjective, neither is particularly reliable.

Meanwhile, other sources often assert that there are no real differences between kratom strains — so what gives? We decided to find out.

What Our Data Say

For this post, we set out to provide some clarity by averaging the duration of different kratom strains as reported by users on the internet. After collecting hundreds of user reports from Reddit and other online communities, we averaged the data and created a scatterplot to determine if there’s a relationship between strain color and duration.

What we found was that, according to these user reports, the duration of kratom strains does vary depending on strain colour.

Scatterplot of kratom strains and their duration

Here are a few takeaways from our scatterplot:

  • White kratom strains had an average duration of 3.1 hours
  • Yellow kratom strains had an average duration of 3.2 hours
  • Gold kratom strains had an average duration of 3.3 hours
  • Red kratom strains had an average duration of 3.7 hours
  • Green kratom strains had an average duration of 3.9 hours

Based on these findings, it’s safe to say that red kratom and green kratom are the longest-lasting types of kratom. Surprisingly, our averaged data also revealed that green kratom strains may last as long as red strains, if not longer.

But among these long-lasting strains, which ones take the cake? Let’s take a look!

Choosing the Best Long-Lasting Kratom Strain for You

After averaging the duration data we collected from kratom users, identifying the longest-lasting kratom strains was straightforward. For this article, we picked the top-five longest-lasting strains to share with you.

However, before we reveal what those strains are, it’s important to note that duration isn’t the only important factor to consider when evaluating kratom strains. Depending on what effects you’re looking for, some long-lasting kratom strains might be preferable over others. For instance, Red Jambu and Red Malay both appear to be long-lasting. But according to our data, Red Malay is much more sedating than Red Jambu, which might make it less ideal for users who are prone to fatigue.

With that in mind, here are five of the longest-lasting kratom strains as reported by real kratom users.

Green Horn: The Energy Booster

Green horn kratom icon

If you’re looking for an extra boost of long-lasting energy, Green Horn might fit the bill. According to our data, this mood-boosting and energizing strain seems to have the longest duration of any green strain. As a result, Green Horn could be a long-lasting alternative to coffee or energy drinks.

That said, with only mild mood-boosting (6.5) and stimulation (5.5) scores, Green Horn might be somewhat underwhelming for some. In addition, it doesn’t seem to offer the same level of pain relief as other kratom strains.

Ideal for: those desiring an energy boost during the day or after work

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Red Maeng Da: The Balanced Option

Red Maeng Da is perhaps best described as a jack of all trades but master of none. Offering a seemingly long duration and a balanced blend of sedation, stimulation, pain relief, and mood elevation, Red Maeng Da is surprisingly middle-of-the-road.

Still, if you’re partial to well-rounded kratom strains, Red Maeng Da could be an excellent choice.

Ideal for: kratom beginners and those who prefer “balanced” kratom strains

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Red Jambu: The Daytime Red

Red jambu strain icon

Although rare, Red Jambu seems to have a powerful mood-boosting potential and a generally fast onset of effects. That makes it a strong contender as one of the longest-lasting kratom strains. It also appears to be notably less fatiguing than other red strains, which might make it suitable for morning or daytime use.

However, Red Jambu does have some apparent downsides. For one, it doesn’t seem to be particularly pain-relieving, which is something that reds usually excel at. In addition, the strain’s rarer nature could make it difficult to find.

Ideal for: a morning or daytime “pick-me-up”

Red Malay: The Evening Strain

Red malay kratom icon

Red Malay seems to be the most relaxing and uplifting kratom strain on this list. As a result, it’s likely the best option for those looking to unwind in the evenings.

That said, Red Malay doesn’t appear to be particularly stimulating. Users have also noted that the strain doesn’t offer much pain relief, which might be a deal-breaker for some.

Ideal for: those looking to relax and uplift their mood in the evenings

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Green Vietnam: The Pain Reliever

Green Vietnam kratom icon

Like Green Horn, Green Vietnam seems to offer a blend of stimulation and euphoria. Those traits could make Green Horn ideal for those desiring a “boost” of energy. However, unlike Green Horn, Green Vietnam appears to offer considerable pain relief and is likely the most effective pain-relieving strain on this list.

If you decide to give Green Vietnam a try, just don’t expect it to be very relaxing. As of this writing, the strain has a low sedation score, meaning that most users didn’t find it to be calming.

Ideal for: those desiring a blend of pain relief and energy

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With so many choices and subjective factors to consider, it’s not always easy to find a long-lasting kratom strain that works for you. Hopefully, our findings have helped steer you in the right direction — let us know in the comments below!

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