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The Best Way To Store Kratom

The Best Way To Store Kratom

If you want to get the most out of your kratom, proper storage is an absolute necessity.

Just like any other dry good, kratom powder can be easily compromised by moisture and sunlight exposure, which can alter its effects profile and introduce harmful mould particles into the mix.

Many kratom enthusiasts swear by Ziploc bags and other standard houseware for storage – but if you really want to ensure the potency and longevity of your kratom products, you’ll need a storage container that specializes in long-term, airtight protection.

The problem with other storage methods is that they’re not often guaranteed to be airtight. A faulty seal is unreliable and runs the risk of introducing dust, debris, and excess oxygen into your kratom, which can quickly jeopardize its quality.As you can probably imagine, the consequences of improper kratom storage aren’t exactly worth it! You’ll be much better off with the peace of mind and the clean bill of health that comes with proper kratom storage.

Simply put – treat your kratom well, and it will treat you well in return!

So, what’s the best way to store kratom? To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of several best-selling containers and jars that work great for both long-term and short-term kratom storage. Let’s take a look!


1. Fortune Candy Airtight Window Kitchen Canister Set

FC Airtight Window Kitchen Canister

Those who like their houseware to provide equal parts form and function should look no further than this space-age set of stainless-steel containers!

A full set of these Fortune Candy canisters includes three different sizes – 30oz, 60oz, and 94oz – and each container features a transparent window for quick quantity reference.

This set also sports airtight fingerprint-resistant lids – meaning they’ll keep your kratom fresh and free from moisture – and they’ll look good while doing it. As for the containers themselves, they’re made of carbon and stainless steel, giving them a sleek and long-lasting build.

If you’re a stickler for your houseware aesthetics, these containers are definitely worth a look. Considering that a full set includes three containers, this is a practical and notably good-looking kratom-storage solution at an absolute bargain of a price.

It’s worth mentioning that, for best results, these containers should be kept in a dry, dark place away from sunlight, as they are not UV protected. That said, they should work fine within a closet, cupboard, or in a similarly enclosed storage space!


2. Herb Guard Airtight Container with Bonus Humidity Pack

Herb Guard is a brand trusted by marijuana users for its excellent range of airtight, smell-proof glass jars. While kratom is noticeably less odorous, it’s the airtight factor that plays an essential role in keeping your product fresh.

As a bonus, Herb Guard containers are UV protected, meaning that they prevent sunlight from degrading or altering the quality of your kratom while in storage.

Also included with every Herb Guard jar is a Humidity Pack, Jar Label Stickers, and a small Resealable Travel Bag for on-the-go use. All in all, the whole package provides you with a diverse set of kratom storage options.

For some, Herb Guard’s glass construction might warrant a pass, due to the fragility of the material. However, the exceptional build quality and a handful of extra features make the Herb Guard a solid choice for everyday kratom storage!


3. EVAK Premium Airtight Storage Container

Prepara’s EVAK line of storage containers are marketed for coffee, tea, and dry goods storage – but there’s no reason you can’t use them for kratom, too!

EVAKs are glass-built and feature innovative “push/pull” plunger lids that vacate the air from the jar upon closure, rather than merely screwing on and off. There are no switches or buttons on this product that are doomed to eventually break or malfunction – just push, seal, and you’re good to go!

This feature makes EVAK fully airtight, as the lid can be pushed to match the level of product inside. When fully sealed, EVAK claims that no additional air is left inside the storage space, unlike other containers – potentially making them the most airtight storage containers on this list.

That said, the EVAK does come with some obvious pitfalls. For one, its transparent glass build does mean that it’ll have to be intentionally kept away from sunlight for optimal use. And, of course, glass is also prone to breakage if you’re not careful – so take that as you will.

Still, the EVAK boasts a reasonable price, and its novel approach to long-term airtight storage makes it a noteworthy candidate for anyone wanting to keep their kratom fresh.


4. MIRON Violettglas Ultraviolet Storage Container

MIRON Violettglas jars aren’t just glass jars – their unique colouring reflects visible sunlight, keeping your kratom fresh and in tip-top shape.

As such, MIRON’s line of Violettglas jars are thought to possess remarkable preservational ability – especially when compared to standard glass or plastics. A quick glance at their Amazon reviews seems to corroborate this – as of this writing, 78% of the product reviews are 5-star reviews.

The only part of the jar that isn’t made of high-quality European glass is the lid, which consists of sturdy BPA-free plastic.

MIRON’s Violettglas jars offer a sleek, simplified way to store your kratom. There are no added bells and whistles here – just heavy-duty glass that keeps your product safe and secure!

The verdict? For kratom storage, MIRON’s Violettglas will appeal to both minimalists and functionalists alike.

There you have it! While you might have to do some careful deliberating over what container best suits your needs, we hope we’ve put you on the right track!

To health and happiness!


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