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August 04, 2020

The Best Kratom Strains For Sedation

Looking to unwind from a long day at work, or “take the edge off”? Kratom might be able to help!

Many users consume kratom leaves for their sedative properties. In fact, alongside euphoria and pain relief, sedation is one of kratom’s most prominent effects.

For hundreds of years , Southeast Asian populations have used kratom to promote relaxation. Today, the plant’s popularity has surged worldwide, including in the United States and Canada.

Many of today’s kratom users prefer the plant to sedatives like alcohol and pharmaceutical-grade drugs. Due to its growing popularity in the western world, researchers have taken an interest in studying kratom’s remarkable properties, concluding that the plant produces “opioid-like analgesia and sedation.”

These effects may come at a low cost to users, too. Unlike other similar drugs, kratom seems to have a limited addiction potential and only mild withdrawal symptoms. One researcher observed that “Although kratom has potential for abuse and addiction, several investigators who closely examined these issues concluded that kratom is not as dangerous as traditional opioids and that the potential benefits may outweigh the risks.”

However, not all kratom variants, or “strains” provide the same level of sedation. Some kratom strains appear to be more sedating, while others are more energizing. As a result, finding the ideal kratom strain for relaxation can be challenging. Even veteran kratom users may be unfamiliar with rarer strains — some of which are on this list!

Thankfully, we’ve researched and evaluated over fifty unique kratom strains. And by aggregating the experiences of kratom users, we’ve narrowed our search for the best kratom strains for sedation down to six candidates. Read on to discover what they are!

Red Bali: Smooth Calm

Red Bali kratom icon

Our first strain on this list is the legendary Red Bali, which most users describe as strongly sedating.

Aside from its sedative power, Red Bali also seems to have a unique onset of effects. The strain may promote feelings of relaxation and gradually become more sedating with time.

As a bonus, Red Bali’s duration seems slightly above average. At moderate to high doses (2.5-5g+), its effects may last about three hours.

Users seeking sedation might also enjoy Red Bali’s purported lack of stimulation. The strain seems unlikely to provide energy and focus, making it suitable for end-of-day relaxation.

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Gold Bentuangie: Always Bet On Gold

Gold Bentuangie kratom icon

As the “gold-vein” Bentuangie variant, Gold Bentuangie seems to possess characteristics of both red and green strains. The result is a strain that appears to offer ample sedation and pain relief. However, it’s important to note that Gold Bentuangie does seem less sedating than other strains on this list.

Nonetheless, many users have praised Gold Bentuangie. The strain’s sedative power, mood lift, and pain relief have all received considerable acclaim. Users also appreciate Gold Bentuangie’s duration, which seems longer than average. At moderate to high doses (2.5-5g+), its effects may last about four hours.

Gold Bentuangie can prove difficult to track down. But its distinctive effects profile may interest kratom users who are looking to try something outside the status quo.

Red Sunda: Sunda Be Relaxed

Red Sunda kratom icon

Like Gold Bentuangie, Red Sunda is rarer than most kratom strains. Supposedly, it originates from the Indonesian isle of Java and named after the indigenous Sundanese people.

Red Sunda seems heavily sedating, but may also offer moderate pain relief and euphoria. The strain’s low stimulation score could also make it ideal for end-of-day use.

Red Sunda’s duration of effects seems comparable to other strains on this list. As a result, you’ll likely be getting your money’s worth!

Some users have reported that Red Sunda is more nauseating than other kratom strains. However, nausea typically only occurs at higher doses (more than 5 grams). By keeping your dosage(s) low, you should be able to avoid this problem.

Although rare, Red Sunda’s seemingly well-rounded nature has piqued the curiosity of many kratom lovers. And because the strain appears to pack a sedative “punch,” we couldn’t help but include it on this list.

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Red Bentuangie: Nighty Night

Red Bentuangie kratom icon

Like Gold Bentuangie, Red Bentuangie seems capably sedating. In fact, user reviews suggest that it’s the most sedating strain on this list.

Red Bentuangie also appears to be moderately mood-elevating and pain-relieving. In addition, the strain seems to possess an above-average duration of effects. At moderate to high doses (2.5-5g+), its effects could last up to four hours.

Overall, Red Bentuangie seems similar to Gold Bentuangie, only noticeably stronger in every area except for stimulation. But it’s important to note that “stronger” isn’t always “better.” Red Bentuangie’s reportedly sedating nature could cause excessive fatigue and make it unsuitable for daytime use.

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Gold Bali: Sedative Gold

Gold Bali kratom icon

Gold Bali seems capable of ranking alongside the other sedative powerhouses, including Red Bali. Like its red counterpart, Gold Bali currently holds a high score for sedation.

However, outside of sedation, the two strains are demonstrably different. Gold Bali appears to be more euphoric but less pain-relieving than Red Bali. As a result, choosing between them will likely come down to personal preference.

Overall, if you’re looking to relax and elevate your mood, Gold Bali seems like an obvious choice. The strain is particularly popular among anxiety-sufferers.

Like other strains on this list, Gold Bali also seems to possess an above-average duration of effects. In addition, user reports suggest that Gold Bali isn’t particularly nauseating when used in moderate quantities (2.5-5g).

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Red Borneo: Born To Be Well-Rounded

Red Borneo kratom icon

As the most well-rounded strain on this list, Red Borneo doesn’t just seem strongly sedating: it also appears to excel in every other category, aside from stimulation. Users have praised its pain-relieving properties and euphoric potential.

Impressively, Red Borneo also seems long-lasting. At moderate to high doses (2.5-5g+), its effects may last about four hours.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sedating strain that also offers a blend of other effects, Red Borneo might be right for you!

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In general, most kratom strains have sedative properties. But our research has revealed that some strains appear to be more sedating than others.

That said, the subjective nature of kratom means that there’s no single “best” strain for sedation. Instead, most kratom users will have to determine what works best for them.

Nonetheless, we hope this post has helped guide your kratom journey! For more articles like this, be sure to check out our blog.

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