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January 29, 2021

The Best Kratom Strains For Energy

For most users, kratom promotes relaxation. However, some use the plant as an energizing alternative to coffee or energy drinks.

It might seem strange that one plant can be both relaxing and energizing. But for proof of kratom’s stimulant-like properties, we don’t have to look far. For hundreds of years, labourers in kratom’s homeland of Southeast Asia have used low doses of the plant to increase their work output. And today, thanks to global trade, millions of people around the world can also enjoy kratom’s energy-boosting effects.

But not all kratom is created equally. Some types of kratom, or “strains,” could be more energizing than others. And with so many strains to choose from, kratom users often struggle to find what works best.

Fortunately, we’ve reviewed users’ experiences to find five of the best kratom strains for energy. Read on to discover what they are and what you might be able to expect from each!

White Bentuangie: The Rare Find

Starting off this list is the rare and coveted White Bentuangie (pronounced ben-twan-jay). Some might be confused by the strain’s strange name. But when it comes to the strain’s energy-boosting properties, users seem to agree: White Bentuangie delivers.

Most users describe White Bentuangie as strongly stimulating and somewhat euphoric. But unfortunately, White Bentuangie doesn’t seem to excel outside of those categories. The strain’s pain-relieving potential appears limited, but this is often the case with white-veined kratom. And sadly, White Bentuangie’s duration of effects could be below average, which will likely disappoint some users.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an exotic and energizing strain, White Bentuangie might be for you!

White Maeng Da: “Smooth” Energy

White Maeng Da kratom icon

Maeng Da strains are known for their potency, and White Maeng Da is no different. This classic strain seems highly stimulating and euphoric, making it a natural candidate for this list.

White Maeng Da also supposedly has a long-lasting and gradual onset of effects, leading some users to describe the strain as “smooth.” These traits could distinguish White Maeng Da from other shorter-lived, but faster-acting white strains. The strain’s seemingly slower onset could also be suitable for users sensitive to overstimulation.

However, White Maeng Da has its downsides. The strain could be more nauseating than other kratom strains, especially when used at high amounts (5g+). That said, you may be able to reduce the risk of nausea and discomfort by taking White Maeng Da in smaller quantities (1-5g).

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White Vietnam: The Titan

White Vietnam strain icon

We try to be unbiased. We really do.

But White Vietnam seems like an energetic powerhouse.

It’s the only strain we’ve assessed that currently holds a perfect score for stimulation. Some users have even described the strain as overstimulating. So if you’re looking for a potent pick-me-up, White Vietnam is well worth a look.

However, while White Vietnam seems to excel at providing energy, it might not offer much else. It may be less mood-boosting and pain-relieving than other strains on this list. And its effects might only last about three hours at moderate to high doses (2.5-5g+), which is average at best.

But if you value energy above all else, White Vietnam might be your best bet!

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White Indo: The Jack Of All Trades

White Indo kratom icon

If you’re after an energetic and well-rounded strain, consider White Indo.

Unlike other strains on this list, White Indo seems energetic but also capably pain-relieving and euphoric. The strain’s effects could also last as long as four hours at moderate-to-high doses (2.5-5g+).

But White Indo isn’t flawless. Some users have experienced jitters and restlessness when using the strain at higher doses (5g+). However, when used in moderate quantities (2.5-5g), the risk of unpleasant side effects seems greatly reduced.

White Indo’s only other caveat could be its low sedation score. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for energy, not relaxation!

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White Borneo: Yin & Yang

White Borneo kratom icon

White Borneo seems to pack an energetic punch. But it’s the strain’s supposed balance of sedation, euphoria, and stimulation that makes it beloved by many.

Like White Maeng Da, White Borneo users often experience a “smooth” onset that’s free of overstimulation or jitters. For that reason, some use White Borneo as an alternative to stress-promoting stimulants like caffeine. White Borneo’s duration could also be above-average, with effects lasting about three-and-a-half hours.

Unfortunately, some users have found that White Borneo is more nauseating than other strains. However, reducing the risk of nausea could be as simple as keeping your dosage low (1-2.5g).

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We hope this list has helped you discover the best kratom strains for energy! Don’t forget to help us out by leaving your review of the strains we’ve featured in this post, should you end up trying them! We’d certainly love to hear what you have to say.

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