The Best Kratom Strains For Energy

Most users describe kratom — the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree — as sedating. However, for others, kratom provides a sensation of stimulation. As a result, some users take kratom to promote energy and wakefulness.

In fact, kratom’s use as a stimulant dates back to Thailand, where indigenous people chewed kratom leaves to increase their work output. Today, thousands of people across the world carry on this tradition by using kratom to boost their energy and enhance their productivity.

That said, not all kratom is created equally. Some types of kratom, or “strains,” could be more energizing than others. And with so many strains to choose from, it can be difficult to discover what works best.

Fortunately, we’ve reviewed users’ experiences with over 50 unique kratom strains to find the most energizing. Here are five of the best kratom strains for energy, ranked in no particular order!


White Bentuangie: The Rare Find

Starting off this list is the rare and coveted White Bentuangie (pronounced ben-twan-jay), which currently holds an impressive nine out of ten score for stimulation.

White Bentuangie can prove difficult to track down, but users often praise its energy and focus-boosting properties. However, aside from possibly providing an energy boost, White Bentuangie doesn’t seem to excel in any other areas.

For starters, White Bentuangie’s pain-relieving potential seems limited, but this is often the case with white-veined kratom. The strain also appears to have an average duration, meaning its effects may be somewhat short-lived when compared to other strains on this list.

Fortunately, White Bentuangie seems unlikely to cause nausea or stomach discomfort when used in safe amounts.

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White Maeng Da: “Smooth” Energy

White Maeng Da kratom icon

The Maeng Da family of kratom strains is known for its potency, and White Maeng Da is no different.

Often sold or marketed as White Horn, the strain is thought to be both strongly stimulating and euphoric, making it a natural candidate for this list.

White Maeng Da also supposedly has a long-lasting and gradual onset of effects, leading some users to describe the strain as “smooth.” This trait seems to distinguish White Maeng Da from other faster-acting white strains. White Maeng Da’s slower onset might also make it a preferable option for users desiring a stimulating strain that doesn’t cause anxiety or distress.

However, all these outstanding qualities come with some downsides, too! User reports suggest that White Maeng Da may be slightly more nauseating than other kratom strains. That said, you should be able to avoid nausea by taking White Maeng Da in smaller quantities (2.5-5g).

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White Vietnam: The Titan

White Vietnam strain icon

White Vietnam seems like an energetic powerhouse.

It’s the only strain we’ve assessed that currently holds a perfect score for stimulation. Simply put, if you’re looking for raw, invigorating energy, White Vietnam is well worth a look.

Some users have even described the strain as overstimulating. Others have reported that it helps aid their fatigue and suppresses feelings of social anxiety.

However, while White Vietnam seems to excel at energizing users, it may not offer much in other categories. As of now, it holds a paltry 3.5 score for euphoria and scores even lower for pain relief and sedation. In addition, its duration seems average, with effects lasting about three hours at moderate to high doses (2.5-5g+).

That said, if it’s energetic kratom you’re after, White Vietnam might be your best bet!

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White Indo: The Jack Of All Trades

White Indo kratom icon

White Indo appears to be the most well-rounded strain on this list. Users have praised its strongly stimulating and moderately euphoric nature.

Not to be outdone, White Indo also purportedly boasts an above-average duration, with effects lasting as long as 3-4 hours at moderate-to-high doses (2.5-5g+).

Users have also noted that White Indo seems to be more pain-relieving than average. Currently, it holds an impressive six out of ten score for pain relief, which is considerably higher than most white strains, including the ones on this list.

Some users have reported jitters and restlessness when using White Indo at higher doses. However, when used in moderate quantities (2.5-5g), the risk of unpleasant side effects seems greatly reduced.

White Indo’s only other caveat seems to be its low sedation score. But if you’re reading this, the chances are that sedation isn’t exactly a high priority for you!

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White Borneo: Yin & Yang

White Borneo kratom icon

White Borneo seems to pack an energetic punch. But it’s the strain’s purportedly unique balance of mild sedation, strong euphoria, and potent stimulation that makes it the preferred choice of many.

Like White Maeng Da, White Borneo seems to provide an onset of “smooth” energy that isn’t accompanied by overstimulation or jitters. As a result, some users prefer White Borneo over caffeine-based stimulants.

The strain’s duration of effects appears to be somewhat above average and may be on-par with White Indo and White Maeng Da.

That said, some users have noted that White Borneo might be more nauseating than other strains. However, this risk can likely be mitigated by exercising caution and limiting one’s dosage.

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We hope this list has helped you discover the best kratom strains for energy! Don’t forget to help us out by leaving your review of the strains we’ve featured in this post, should you end up trying them! We’d certainly love to hear what you have to say.

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