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May 15, 2020

The Best Kratom For Morning Focus

You know the saying — the early bird gets the worm.

But some mornings, productivity doesn’t come naturally. And regardless of how we got off track, we might need a quick pick-me-up to get back to business.

In these cases, morning coffee or a brisk walk can go a long way towards melting away fatigue and restoring focus. But for others, kratom — the ground leaves of the mitragyna speciosa plant — is their secret focus-boosting weapon.

This Southeast Asian plant boasts many natural benefits, including sedative and pain-relieving properties. But various human populations have also used kratom to reduce fatigue and increase focus for thousands of years (Hassan et al., 2013 pg 140, section 4).

That said, as a versatile plant, not all kratom is focus-boosting. To get the most from the plant, you’ll most likely want to use certain kratom variants or “strains” while avoiding others.

So what’s the best kratom for morning focus, and why? Let’s find out!

What Makes a Kratom Strain Good for Focus?

At Kratomaton, we attempt to gauge the effectiveness of kratom strains across many categories, including pain relief, sedation, and more — but focus isn’t among them. That’s because increased focus isn’t a primary benefit of kratom, but rather, a side effect reported by some kratom users.

For example, nearly all kratom users describe White Maeng Da kratom as “stimulating.” However, only a small minority of users report increased focus after taking the strain.

The scientific jury also seems to be out regarding kratom’s focus-boosting properties. There are some mentions of increased motivation in published kratom literature. In one online survey, 10% of respondents said that they used kratom to increase energy or focus. However, few research efforts have explored how or why kratom increases focus.

So what gives? If you ask us, it seems like there are two likely explanations for kratom’s focus-boosting properties. For starters, some kratom strains provide a sense of increased energy or motivation. Upon consuming these stimulating strains, users might feel a reduction in the fatigue that was distracting them from their work. In fact, farmers throughout Southeast Asia — kratom’s home region — have used the plant for hundreds of years for this exact purpose (Cinosi et al., 2015, page 4, section 3.2.1).

But that’s not the only explanation for why kratom could boost morning focus. Aside from fatigue, pain can also distract us from tasks at hand. Thankfully, kratom’s pain-relieving properties (Eastlack et al., 2020) could liberate users from nagging pains and aches and allow them to focus solely on their work.

As a result, the best kratom strains for morning focus are likely those with stimulating, pain-relieving, and mood-boosting properties.

1) Green Malay: Mood-Boosting Focus

Green Malay kratom icon

If you’re most focused when you’re in a good mood, Green Malay kratom could be the ideal morning strain for you.

As the most euphoric strain on this list, Green Malay seems to possess strong mood-boosting properties. If you’re feeling “off,” it could help restore your mood, and by extension, focus. Green Malay also appears to be moderately stimulating, so it should provide a mild burst of motivation — especially when used in low-to-moderate quantities (2.5-5g).

However, if pain is throwing off your focus, Green Malay might disappoint. According to user reports, the strain’s pain-relieving potential is limited in comparison to strains like Yellow Horn and White Indo.

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2) White Maeng Da: A Bonafide Classic

White Maeng Da kratom icon

For many kratom users, White Maeng Da’s seemingly potent blend of stimulation and euphoria is the perfect morning pick-me-up. Some users even swear by mixing White Maeng Da with their morning coffee.

Despite its popularity, however, White Maeng Da likely won’t work well for everyone. Like Green Malay, White Maeng Da doesn’t appear to be very pain-relieving. And some users find the strain somewhat sedating, which could make White Maeng Da less ideal for morning use.

Still, there’s no reason to overlook this bonafide classic of the kratom world. It seems to have earned all the praise it receives, and then some.

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3) Yellow Horn: Stimulation & Euphoria

Yellow Horn kratom icon

Given Yellow Horn’s energizing and mood-boosting properties, perhaps it’s fitting that the strain is the same color as the sun.

Like White Maeng Da, Yellow Horn could offer increased focus by way of its stimulating and euphoric properties. However, there are some key differences between the two. Where White Maeng Da seems to be slightly more sedating, Yellow Horn appears to be more stimulating. This difference could make Yellow Horn a sensible “upgrade” for those who find White Maeng Da’s focus-boosting properties underwhelming.

That said, users have reported that Yellow Horn does have some shortcomings. The strain’s duration seems average, meaning that you’re unlikely to feel increased focus for longer than 2.5 hours at moderate doses (2.5-5g).

4) White Indo: Highly Versatile

White Indo kratom icon

White Indo could be the ideal morning strain for those who want to cover all their bases. Unlike the other strains we’ve reviewed, White Indo seems to offer a versatile blend of stimulation, euphoria, and pain relief. As a bonus, White Indo also seems to have an above-average duration: at moderate doses (2.5-5g), its focus-boosting effects could last up to four hours.

Of course, White Indo’s seemingly jack-of-all-trades nature might not suit everyone. Some users might find White Indo to be too stimulating, while others might prefer a stronger mood-boost. Still, this seemingly balanced strain deserves your attention.

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5) White Vietnam: Strong Stimulation

White Vietnam strain icon

If it’s raw energy you’re after, White Vietnam might fit the bill. Out of all the strains we’ve evaluated in this post, White Vietnam seems to be the most energizing. If used in low-to-moderate quantities (2.5-5g), it could provide a strong “kick-in-the-pants.”

However, despite White Vietnam’s impressive energetic potential, the strain’s effectiveness in other areas seems limited. Most users have reported that White Vietnam isn’t very mood-boosting or pain-relieving. The strain’s duration of effects also seems average, meaning that it’s unlikely to provide more than 2.5-3 hours of increased focus.

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Kratom’s focus-boosting properties are most likely an extension of its primary benefits. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t count on kratom to restore your focus when you’re not at your best.

Some kratom strains — such as the ones we’ve covered in this post — could help you redirect your attention towards what matters most. However, because kratom’s effects can vary, you’ll probably need to experiment to discover which strains deliver the best focus-boosting results for you.

Nonetheless, we hope this post has helped you navigate the vast (and often puzzling) world of kratom! To learn more about kratom and kratom strains, be sure to check out our other kratom resources.

Note that, due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with these strains might differ from the average user.

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