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July 28, 2020

The Best Kratom For Focus

Most of the buzz surrounding kratom focuses on its pain-relieving and sedative properties.

However, in small doses, kratom can also help improve focus. (PinneyAssociates, 2018, 75-126) As a result, many people use kratom to help them work strenuous jobs and long hours.

That said, finding a kratom strain for focus isn’t always easy. Some kratom strains seem to be more focus-boosting than others. And with so many strains on the market, the average buyer has an abundance of choices.

But don’t worry! To find the best kratom for focus, we examined user reviews for over fifty kratom strains. Here’s what we found, and what might work for you.

White Vietnam: High Voltage

White Vietnam strain icon

White Vietnam kratom might be the perfect focus-boosting strain for those who feel most focused when they’re energized.

According to users, White Vietnam is one of the most stimulating strains on this list. It also seems to boast a slightly above-average duration, with effects lasting about 3 hours at low-to-moderate doses (2.5-5g).

However, for some, White Vietnam could be overstimulating to the point of decreasing focus. The strain’s mood-boosting properties also seem to be lower than average, which could disappoint some users.

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White Indo: Ease Pain, Boost Focus

White Indo kratom icon

With a seemingly mood-boosting and energizing nature, White Indo is an easy candidate for this list.

Like White Vietnam, White Indo seems capably energizing. But it could also be effective at relieving pain. So, if pain or discomfort is distracting you from the task-at-hand, White Indo may be able to improve your focus more effectively than other strains.

As a bonus, White Indo’s duration of effects seems quite high. The strain’s effects can last up to 4 hours at moderate doses (2.5-5g).

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White Borneo: The “Balanced” Option

White Borneo kratom icon

White Borneo may lack the potency of other strains on this list. However, the strain’s balanced nature has earned it fanfare among kratom users who are sensitive to more traditional stimulants.

Because White Borneo seems more sedating than other white strains, some users also prefer it over energizing strains like White Vietnam.

That said, White Borneo has some notable drawbacks. Some users have reported that the strain can cause more nausea and dizziness than average at higher doses (5g+). However, you should be able to reduce any unpleasant side effects by keeping your dosage low (1-3g).

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Green Malay: New Mood, New Me

Green Malay kratom icon

Green Malay may have a low stimulation score — but don’t be fooled!

Unlike strains like White Vietnam, Green Malay may improve focus by elevating one’s mood rather than energy levels. As a result, Green Malay might be a solid choice for those who find that being in a good mood increases their productivity.

Green Malay is also thought to be only minimally sedating, which should help keep your kratom experience “crash-free.”

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White Bali: Smooth Focus

White Bali kratom icon

White Bali seems best described as a well-rounded strain. It may provide smooth energy that slowly becomes more sedating with time.

Like Green Malay and White Borneo, White Bali is thought to be only somewhat energizing. As a result, it might be ideal for users who want improved focus but don’t want a caffeine-like energy boost.

Unfortunately, White Bali’s duration of effects may be short-lived. Other strains on this list may offer long-lasting focus.

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Staying Productive With Kratom

All of the kratom strains on this list could improve one’s focus. However, kratom’s focus-boosting properties seem to decrease with higher dosages. (Cinosi et al., 2015, pg6) For this reason, consider keeping your doses low (1-3g to start) to get the best results.

Finding your productivity “sweet spot” with kratom may take some experimentation, so some patience is warranted!

We hope that this guide has been helpful! To read more about kratom’s wide range of applications, check out our other blog posts.

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