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November 23, 2020

The Best Kraken Kratom Strains

Kraken Kratom is a favourite vendor among first-time kratom users and enthusiasts alike. Their diverse catalogue and rigorous product standards have kept customers coming back. In fact, Kraken Kratom was the first kratom vendor to become GMP qualified by the American Kratom Association.

But although Kraken Kratom makes buying kratom online easy, their product selection can be confusing. At first glance, many of their products seem to have similar names and descriptions. And while this might lead you to believe that all of Kraken’s products are identical, this isn’t necessarily the case!

Researchers have discovered that kratom’s properties can vary from product to product. But health and safety regulations prohibit American vendors like Kraken Kratom from describing those differences. As a result, some Kraken strains might have effects that will benefit you more than others.

So which Kraken Kratom strains should you spring for? To find out, we consulted user reviews at Kraken Kratom and elsewhere. Here’s what we found and what you should know about five of Kraken’s top-rated strains.

Red Maeng Da

Kraken’s Red Maeng Da has a somewhat perplexing name. The strain is labelled as “Red Maeng Da Thai” on, but the product description refers to it as “Maeng Da.” Thankfully, there’s less confusion regarding the strain’s effects and properties.

Most users describe Red Maeng Da as moderately stimulating and relaxing. In low-to-moderate doses (1-5g), it can provide a burst of energy while simultaneously calming one’s nerves. Users have also praised Red Maeng Da’s long-lasting effects, which can last up to five hours.

Kraken Kratom customers seem to agree. On, reviewers have described the strain as “nice and mellow” and “Motivating but not overstimulating.”

Unfortunately, Red Maeng Da might fall short in the pain relief department. So if you’re looking to get the most pain relief from your kratom, other red strains like Red Borneo might be preferable.

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White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da kratom icon

White Maeng Da is supposedly the most stimulating member of the Maeng Da family. The strain can increase energy levels and boost mood, especially when used in low-to-moderate doses (1-5g). Like Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da also seems long-lasting, with effects lasting about four hours.

Reviews of Kraken Kratom’s White Maeng Da describe the strain’s effects similarly. One reviewer on wrote that “[White] Maeng Da is a mild strain that when using the right dose, supplies focus and balance to your daily activities.” Another said that the strain “Help[s] motivate in the morning,” while a third described it as “… a wonderful uplifting powder.”

Unfortunately, White Maeng Da doesn’t appear to be a crowd-pleaser. The strain seems to be even less pain-relieving than Red Maeng Da and less relaxing than other strains overall.

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Red Borneo

Red Borneo kratom icon

If you’re looking for relief from pain and stress, Kraken’s Red Borneo might fit the bill. Users generally describe this classic strain as highly pain-relieving and sedating, and Kraken Kratom’s Red Borneo seems no different.

On, one customer wrote, “I always feel at ease and focused when I take this strain of Kratom.” A second reviewer wrote that “… it has a calming affect on me,” while a third concluded that “It’s Relaxing.”

Like other strains on this list, Red Borneo also seems to have an above-average duration, with effects potentially lasting up to four hours. However, if you’re looking for energy and focus, Red Borneo’s supposedly relaxing nature might let you down.

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Red Dragon

Red Dragon kratom icon

As one of Kraken’s exclusive strains, Red Dragon might be an exciting option for those who have had their fill of the kratom classics. Red Dragon seems to be full of surprises, starting with its name. Despite being a red strain, Red Dragon appears to offer a balanced effects profile that’s more typical of green kratom strains.

For one reviewer on, Red Dragon provided “A nice quick energy boost that transitioned into a long lasting relaxation.” Another reviewer described Red Dragon as having “Good overall balance with good pain properties and not overly sedating.” A third reviewer noted that Red Dragon was “Similar to Bali Red but, not exactly the same. Seemed (for me at least) not as potent.”

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Super Green Malay

Green Malay kratom icon

If mood-boosting strains are your thing, you might believe that we’ve saved the best for last!

Most users describe Green Malay as strongly mood-boosting and somewhat stimulating. Kraken’s Green Malay seems to match that description. On, one customer wrote, “In smaller doses its like a good cup of coffee, in larger doses it can take the edge off of any anxiety I am feeling.” Another customer praised Green Malay as being the “Most relaxing and euphoric strain I’ve found.”

However, as a green strain, Green Malay does seem to offer a “middle-of-the-road” experience. It probably won’t be as pain-relieving and relaxing as Red Borneo or as energizing as White Maeng Da. But, if you’re prioritizing euphoria above all else, Kraken’s Super Green Malay could be the perfect strain for you.

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Kraken Kratom is a fan-favourite kratom vendor that offers plenty of strains to choose from. And since kratom’s effects can vary, it’s worth taking the time to evaluate which Kraken Kratom strains might be best for you.

That said, kratom’s effects aren’t always predictable. A strain that’s energizing for one user might be relaxing for another. But hopefully, the strain breakdowns featured in this post will help inform your next purchase at Kraken and help you get the most from your kratom!

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