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November 04, 2021

Should You Buy Kratom Online?

The internet has revolutionized the way we access information. And in the process, it’s made buying kratom easier and safer than ever.

From plant to powder, kratom is a labour of love, and not all vendors take the same care. Some vendors put profits first, compromising product quality or short-changing foreign growers. These practices may or may not just put your health at risk — they jeopardize the future of kratom and our planet.

Thankfully, internet access means today’s shoppers are more informed than ever. And by shopping for kratom online, you too can be more educated about the products you’re buying and the business practices you’re supporting.


Anyone can grow, import, and sell kratom, so product quality varies widely. Nearly all kratom products are sourced from Indonesia, where the plant has grown for thousands of years. But not all of Indonesia’s kratom is cultivated in the same way.

Many kratom farmers take measures to protect their harvests from harmful bacteria like salmonella. Others avoid using processing methods that could introduce invisible but toxic contaminants like lead. But some farmers take few safety precautions, if any. And within months, their kratom is available for sale in the United States and elsewhere like all the rest.

If you buy kratom from an unknown brand in a gas station or head shop, determining its quality can be difficult. Kratom businesses that resell in local storefronts may have no online presence, making their products a “shot in the dark.”

Thankfully, buying kratom online is often less of a gamble. Search engines like Google can help you determine if an online vendor has good products and happy customers. And many online vendors also share information about their supply chains and lab results to help shoppers make informed purchases.


We can all understand the temptation to buy the cheapest kratom online. But vendors generally keep costs low by cutting corners, and these cut corners can have disastrous effects on our planet and its inhabitants.

While kratom grows abundantly throughout Southeast Asia, demand can outstrip supply. Kratom trees can also take years to mature compared to other popular Southeast Asian crops like rice and bananas. As a result, kratom farmers often seek ways to increase their production. This might mean rotating out other crops for kratom trees or purchasing additional farmland. Unfortunately, it can also mean excessively deforesting Southeast Asia’s lush forests, destroying centuries of wildlife in the process.

Some kratom vendors also reduce costs by short-changing Southeast Asian farmers. While this can mean lower costs for you, it can leave these growing communities underpaid and impoverished. In other industries, fair trade initiatives such as Fairtrade International help ensure that farmers receive fair compensation for their work. But as of now, no such organization exists for kratom.

Thankfully, the best online kratom vendors often share where and how their products are grown and harvested. As a result, shopping for kratom online can give you a more clear idea of what your dollar is supporting.

Kratom Advocacy Support

Some kratom vendors aren’t just concerned with short-term profit: They’re fighting for kratom’s future.

Kratom has remained federally legal in the United States and elsewhere, but its legality isn’t guaranteed. In 2016, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced its intent to illegalize the plant. The DEA withdrew the plans months later, but the battle for kratom had already begun. Since 2016, authorities have made numerous attempts to demonize and illegalize kratom in the United States and abroad.

Thankfully, kratom has largely remained legal thanks to the efforts of advocacy organizations like the American Kratom Association (AKA). But the fight isn’t cheap, and organizations like the AKA rely solely on donations to keep them afloat.

The best online kratom vendors support advocacy initiatives like these through donations or by promoting their efforts. And by doing so, they help pave the way to a better future for kratom.


Today’s online shoppers know more about the kratom they’re buying than ever before.

Prior to the internet, details about kratom production were limited. Buyers wouldn’t know what was in their products, or if their supplier was even trustworthy. They might’ve even been unknowingly supporting unsavoury business practices, such as short-changing the farmers that grew the kratom.

But today, that information lies at your fingertips, helping you make informed purchases. As a result, shopping for kratom online can help you find products you’ll love — all while supporting business practices that are better for our planet and its people.

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