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May 25, 2020

Red Malay Vs Red Maeng Da

Do you have a preference for raspberries over blackberries or arabica coffee over robusta coffee?

These delicious choices are products of nature’s variability. And like berries and coffee beans, kratom’s properties can also vary from leaf-to-leaf. By using various pre and post-harvest techniques, kratom farmers can grow various kinds of kratom. These kratom variants, or “strains,” often provide users with different effects.

Take Red Malay and Red Maeng Da, for example. Because both strains are red, many kratom buyers assume that they’re indistinguishable. However, user reports suggest that these two strains are dissimilar in many ways.

Red Malay Vs Red Maeng Da: History & Names

Red Malay and Red Maeng Da are named to differentiate them from other kratom variants. But like most strains, the exact origins of their names are often mysterious, and in some cases, entirely baseless.

At first glance, Red Malay seems to be named after Malaysia, one of the Southeast Asian countries where kratom grows naturally. But because the Malaysian government has prohibited kratom use since 1952 and most of the world’s kratom is sourced from the neighbouring country of Indonesia, the “Malay” name is admittedly a strange choice.

On the other hand, Red Maeng Da isn’t named after any specific geographical location. Instead, its name is a Thai word (แมงดา Mængdā) that translates to “pimp” in English. Some kratom vendors and enthusiasts claim that the Maeng Da name is a reference to the strain’s high potency.

Red Malay Vs Red Maeng Da: Effects

Generally, red kratom strains are known for their sedative and pain-relieving properties. In some ways, Red Malay and Red Maeng Da fit this description. But in other ways, both strains also seem to defy expectations.

Most users describe Red Malay as strongly euphoric and moderately sedating. In moderate doses (2.5-5g), it can elevate mood and promote relaxation. As a bonus, it also seems to have an above-average duration, with effects lasting about 4-4.5 hours at moderate doses (2.5-5g). However, unlike most red kratom strains, Red Malay doesn’t appear to be very pain-relieving.

Meanwhile, Red Maeng Da seems to be moderately stimulating and relaxing. In low-to-moderate doses, it could increase one’s energy while simultaneously dampening anxiety and stress. Like Red Malay, Red Maeng Da also seems to possess a lengthy duration of effects.

That said, Red Maeng Da does appear to have some shortcomings. When compared to other red kratom strains, its pain-relieving potential seems limited. It might also cause more stomach distress than average, making it a poor choice for those with sensitive stomachs.

Red Malay Vs Red Maeng Da: Which Strain is Better for Me?

Red Malay and Red Maeng Da seem to be atypical red kratom strains. Neither appears to be particularly pain-relieving, which is a common hallmark of red strains. And although both strains are somewhat relaxing, Red Malay and Red Maeng Da don’t seem to have the sedative power of other reds.

Thankfully, if it’s a toss-up between these two “oddball” red strains, choosing between them might not be difficult. Both strains appear to excel in different areas, so your choice will ultimately come down to personal preference.

Red Malay’s seemingly relaxing and mood-boosting properties could make it ideal for mid-day and evening relaxation. However, those desiring more energy might want to choose Red Maeng Da instead.

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Red Maeng Da’s stimulating nature might make it ideal for daytime energy and morning focus. That said, the strain might be too stimulating for some. If it’s relaxation you’re after, Red Malay is likely the better buy.

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Red Malay and Red Maeng Da are both red kratom strains, but each seems to offer a different experience. And while it’s difficult to accurately predict how either strain will affect you without experimenting for yourself, one strain is likely a better fit for you over the other.

Regardless of your preferences, we hope this guide has helped you examine the differences between these strains and decide for yourself! To learn more about kratom, be sure to check out our other unbiased kratom resources.

Note that, due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with these strains might differ from the average user.

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