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September 15, 2020

Red Maeng Da vs Red Elephant

The average kratom leaf offers a blend of sedation, pain relief, and euphoria. But the exact balance of these characteristics can vary from strain to strain.

Take Red Maeng Da and Red Elephant, for example. Although they’re both red kratom strains, user reports suggest that each offers a different experience. And if you’re trying to choose between them, one might be better suited to you than the other.

But which one is best, and why? Read on to find out!

History & Names

Both Red Maeng Da and Red Elephant have an established history in the kratom world. These aren’t “new” strains or special blends: rather, they’re mainstays of the kratom industry and are readily available for sale.

Red Maeng Da is one of — if not the most — recognizable kratom strain on the market. The strain’s name borrows from the Thai word, “Maeng da “(แมงดา Mængdā), which supposedly translates to “pimp” in English. Many kratom vendors and enthusiasts surmise that the name refers to the strain’s high potency since “pimp” can often mean “upgraded” or “improved” in English-speaking cultures.

Compared to Red Maeng Da, Red Elephant has slightly less notoriety. But like Red Maeng Da, Red Elephant is supposedly named after its properties — in this case, the unusually large size of its leaves.

Effects & Properties

Although Red Maeng Da and Red Elephant are both red strains, user reports suggest that they offer very different effects.

Generally, red strains tend to be sedating. But most users describe Red Maeng Da as slightly more energetic than relaxing. The strain also seems to boast an above-average duration, with effects lasting upwards of 4.5 hours at moderate-to-high doses (2.5-5g+). Unfortunately, Red Maeng Da appears to offer only slight pain relief.

In contrast to Red Maeng Da, Red Elephant seems like a more traditional red strain. It’s typically described as strongly sedating, euphoric, and moderately pain relieving. But between the two, Red Maeng Da seems to be more energizing and longer-lasting to boot.

Which Strain Should I Choose?

Red Maeng Da and Red Elephant seem to offer different experiences. As a result, you should consider your preferences when deciding which strain might be better for you.

Red Maeng Da might be ideal as a long-lasting, balanced strain that’s minimally sedating. And, because it appears to be somewhat energetic, Red Maeng Da might be suitable for daytime use.

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On the other hand, Red Elephant might be preferable if you’re seeking pain relief and sedation. However, because Red Elephant seems strongly sedating, it might not be suitable for daytime use. If taken during the day at moderate to high doses (2.5-5g+), the strain could make you excessively tired.

All in all, Red Maeng Da seems like the better strain for energy, while Red Elephant seems like the better choice for pain.


Not all red kratom strains are alike, and Red Maeng Da and Red Elephant prove it. Depending on your preferences, one strain might be worth picking up over the other. Alternatively, you might want to try both to see how they compare: after all, kratom’s effects can vary from person to person.

With so many strains to choose from, finding your next favourite type of kratom isn’t always easy. But hopefully, we’ve helped point you in the right direction!

For more about kratom and all of its fascinating properties, be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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