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July 06, 2020

Red Bentuangie vs Red Maeng Da

Generally, red kratom strains are known for being sedating and pain-relieving. But not all red strains fit this description. According to users, some red strains provide a sense of increased energy rather than relaxation.

Few strains demonstrate this natural dichotomy better than Red Bentuangie and Red Maeng Da. Although both strains share a common name, user reports suggest that these two strains provide very different experiences.

Red Bentuangie vs Red Maeng Da: History & Name

As a plant, no two kratom leaves are exactly alike. And like coffee and cannabis, there are many kratom variants, or “strains” on the market.

Generally, kratom strains are the product of specialized cultivation and processing techniques. For instance, some kratom farmers might dry select kratom leaves in the sun while leaving others to dry in the shade.

To the human eye, these processes might seem ineffectual. But on a molecular level, these techniques actually alter the concentration of the alkaloids found in kratom leaves, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. It is these shifts in alkaloid concentrations that are responsible for kratom’s distinctive properties and effects.

As an example, consider the origins of Red Bentuangie and Red Maeng Da. Kratom farmers typically grow and harvest Red Maeng Da in a similar fashion to many other strains. However, to produce Red Bentuangie, kratom farmers supposedly ferment the strain’s leaves, resulting in a distinctive earthy aroma and dark coloration.

The names of these two strains also provide some insights into their differences. While there’s no consensus on where the name “Bentuangie” comes from, Red Maeng Da’s strain name has an established history. “Maeng Da” is derived from a Thai word (แมงดา Mængdā) that translates to “pimp” in English. A popular theory among kratom vendors and enthusiasts is that the Maeng Da name refers to the strain’s potency. This is because, as an adjective, “pimp” often means “upgraded” or “improved” in western culture.

Red Bentuangie vs Red Maeng Da: Effects

Red Bentuangie and Red Maeng Da are grown, harvested, and processed in different ways. As a result, both strains appear to offer different experiences.

Most users describe Red Bentuangie as strongly sedating and moderately euphoric. In moderate-to-high does (2.5-5g+), the strain can promote relaxation and increase one’s mood. Red Bentuangie also seems to possess a longer-than-average duration, with effects lasting up to four hours on average. However, Red Bentuangie doesn’t appear to be very pain-relieving or stimulating.

In contrast, Red Maeng Da may be moderately stimulating and somewhat euphoric. Unlike Red Bentuangie, Red Maeng Da is more likely to increase one’s energy rather than providing a sense of relaxation. Like Red Bentuangie, it also appears to boast an above-average duration, with effects lasting about 4 hours or longer at moderate-to-high doses (2.5-5g+). Red Maeng Da also seems to fall short in the pain relief department.

Which Strain Should I Choose?

Red Bentuangie and Red Maeng Da are both red strains, but they seem to excel in different ways. As a result, choosing one over the other ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Overall, Red Bentuangie appears to be more sedating than Red Maeng Da. In moderate-to-high doses (2.5-5g+), it may promote relaxation without making you excitable or energetic. As a result, Red Bentuangie could be the better strain for evening relaxation.

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On the other hand, Red Maeng Da appears to offer more stimulation than Red Bentuangie. Unlike Red Bentuangie, it’s unlikely to relax you to the point of causing fatigue or drowsiness. For this reason, Red Maeng Da seems like the better strain for daytime energy and/or euphoria.

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Fortunately, both strains should provide long-lasting effects, especially when compared to other generally short-lived strains, like white kratom.


Like coffee or cannabis, kratom is a plant of natural diversity, and Red Bentuangie and Red Maeng Da are living proof. Despite both being red kratom strains, user reports suggest that Red Bentuangie is better for relaxation, while Red Maeng Da is better for energy.

Of course, kratom’s effects are largely subjective, so your results may vary. Nonetheless, we hope this guide has helped illuminate the differences between these two strains. While there’s no replacement for personal experience, hopefully, we’ve helped make your journey with kratom that much smoother!

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Note that, due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with these strains might differ from the average user.

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